Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Tulips by Susan Meier

One of my favorite signs of spring is the first tulip. I don’t have many that just pop up on their own. I usually buy new plants every year and stick them in the flower beds as if they’d been there all winter! LOL

But every once in a while, a bulb survives my planting and replanting the beds in front of my house every few weeks in the summer, and pushes its green head up to the sun, ultimately becoming a pink, yellow or white tulip.
I love the tenacity of perennials. If you leave their bulbs alone, they will return. J And they don’t consult the weatherman to see when it’s time to bloom. Once the ground warms, they begin. It’s as if they know winter has drained us of a good bit of our joy, and they intend to fix that by being a beautiful sign that summer is coming.

I don’t depend on those few surviving blooms, though. I buy oodles of tulips to transplant in those beds. Multi-colored. Short and tall. By the time I get them into the ground, they’re about bloomed. So they only live a week or two. But for me the color is worth the time and expense. It’s a living acknowledgement that spring is here and the front of my house will be peppered with flowers.

So I’m a tulip girl. Others like crocuses. Some like daffodils. But I love the audacious, optimistic splash of color of a beautiful tulip.

What about you? What’s your favorite spring flower?

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penney said...

I would say Daffodils I have so many but these are the first!

Laurie G said...

Lilacs bloom in May here in Wisconsin. I love the full branches of lavender (dark and light) or white flowers that smell so heavenly!
I know summer is right around the corner when these flowers bloom.

barbara wallace said...

Oh Laurie - I love lilacs! Ours won't bloom until mid to late June. Personally, I'm a fan of forsythia, because that is the very first flowering plan here in the East. Those and apple blossoms. When the trees are in bloom, all seems right in the world.