Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring Decadence: Salad Cancels Cupcakes, Right? :-) By Shirley Jump

Around Easter, almost every year, I have a little brunch with my friends. I like to pair something light with something decadent, which is where this combination came from. It’s the Diet Coke and fries theory—one cancels the other, right?

Years ago, I had come across a recipe for Insalata Rustica in Bon Appetit–on that page where people write in about their favorite place they ate at, and ask for the recipe. Long story short, the reviews were right. The Insalata Rustica was AWESOME. The only change I made was adding chunks of fresh mozzarella cheese (not the soft white kind, the firmer kind you buy in a hunk). I like cheese and I like cheese with my prosciutto. So I added extra. It’s a really good entertaining recipe, too. Looks GORGEOUS on the plate (my pic doesn’t do it justice) and is just the right combo of sweet and savory.

Now for my ALL TIME EVER FAVORITE CUPCAKES. And that’s saying a lot, given that I will drive an hour out of my way for a good chocolate or salted caramel cupcake. These are Ina Garten’s recipe (the Barefoot Contessa) and they are DIVINE.

These carrot cupcakes…I can’t even begin to say enough good about them. They were worth every step. Even the little decorative carrot shavings on top (which get cooked in maple syrup!) were worth it. If you like carrot cupcakes or carrot cake, you MUST try these. I know my picture there is a bit blurry, but that’s because I was in such a hurry to eat them ;-)

The review for the cupcakes on Better Homes and Gardens said that person had burning issues with their stove. I had no such trouble, so I wonder if it was their stove, or what. Mine turned out perfectly, with just the teeniest bit of crunchiness on top. Perfection. Link to the recipe here.

FYI, the recipe says it makes 22. I got 24 out of the batter, and had extra frosting leftover. Yeah, I know, real bummer on the frosting. Really had to force myself to eat it ;-)

I think I can pretend these are good breakfast foods. I mean, they have raisins and carrots in them. Cream cheese is a dairy. That’s good, right? :-)

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Don’t forget to enter the giveaway. Tell me, what’s your favorite spring recipe? Anything decadent? Or do you go healthy with that eek-it’s-almost-swimsuit-season attitude?


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donna L said...

Love those cupcakes. Sound delicious. Used to make them when in my 20's.

Shirley Jump said...

Thank you, Donna!