Saturday, November 30, 2013

Vintage backlist from Millsand Boon...

A lot of my vintage backlist titles have been available in the US as digital downloads for several years now, but during November, December and January, Mills and Boon UK are putting them out in the UK for the first time.

And Mother Makes Three received a Gold Medal review from RT when it was first published - excuse me while I quote in full, it was my first Top Pick!

by Liz Fielding

Genre: Series, Harlequin Romance, Current Series Imprints
RT Rating Top Pick

Master storyteller Liz Fielding delivers another keeper in AND MOTHER MAKES THREE (4.5G) as she creates a page-turner packed with an emotional conflict, endearing characters, angst-filled scenes and snappy dialogue. When a beautiful woman discovers that her famous sister has a daughter who desperately wants to meet her mother, she decides to impersonate her sister for a day and then come back into the little girls life as her aunt. Everything backfires, though, when she meets the handsome father and begins to hope to permanently play mother and wife - until her sister returns with a few secrets of her own.
Reviewed By: Shannon Short

His Little Girl didn't grab Shannon Short in quite the same way, maybe because it was released in BookClub only in the States. It was, though,  my first RITA nominated book so it's very special to me.

by Liz Fielding

Genre: Series, Harlequin Romance, Current Series Imprints
RT Rating
On the run from the law with his daughter, a handsome man takes refuge with a lovely woman he believes is married to a close friend. Although propinquity sparks a strong attraction, how will he feel when he learns that she is not who he thinks she is? Liz Fielding creates a dramatic premise, an interesting conflict and intriguing characters in FOR HIS LITTLE GIRL (3). (BOOK CLUB ONLY)
Reviewed By: Shannon Short

I can't say I'm thrilled about the dayglo pink cover on the covers, but I am totally thrilled that they are available for readers who've only recently discovered my books.



Fiona Marsden said...

I have both of these in my PB collection. Look forward to reading them.

Liz Fielding said...

Bless you! I'll be interested to hear what you think.