Saturday, October 05, 2013

A Life Less Lonely

Last time I visited Liz, my Toni Sands hat was tipped saucily over one eye. As Liz has kindly invited me to call again, wearing my Jill Barry hat this time, I’d like to tell you about my contemporary romance, A Life Less Lonely, published by Endeavour Press. 

Like many authors, I’m often asked where I find ideas or why I chose to write a particular story. In this case, I’d written Chapter One of a book original entitled Twice a Bride. I uploaded my work to the Mills and Boon New Voices competition website in 2012, rose to the top of the list, but didn’t progress to the next stage. That’s life! Certainly it applies to a writer’s life and I decided, having received so many lovely, positive comments about Chapter One, to write the full story of Andrea, young military widow. Sadly, we’re all too aware of the real life Andreas, forced to deal with the trauma of their late husband’s repatriation, often putting on a brave face in order to help family and friends cope.

Dr Andrea Palmer has a young son and I’ve also given her an elderly mum, whose increasing confusion causes concern. Before you reach for the Kleenex, there’s also humour and hope for the future in the shape of a fresh challenge involving a delicious consultant called Keir Harrison. Sparks fly. Of course. Keir has a broken marriage behind him. As for Andrea - well, I do hope you’ll download the book and see what happens.

I enjoy a challenge but writing about memory loss and problems many of us have to confront, all wrapped up in a romantic jacket could have been more daunting than it actually was. Fortunately my other half refused to pass me the smelling salts and gave me some insight into pharmaceutical trials though the book is more contemporary romance than medical. I also received valuable advice from a dear friend who for some years did the job which Keir’s PA does.

What next for Jill Barry? I’m delighted to say there’s a sassy, spicy contemporary romance, this time with two younger main characters than Andrea and Keir. Devilish Delights is scheduled for publication by Accent Press on 19th December 2013. The title refers to a fictitious musical and the action takes place partly in an idyllic part of Wales and partly in London’s theatre land.

As I write, I’m waiting to hear whether my second pocket novel, Girl with a Gold Wing, is to be published. This one’s set in the 1960s and as the title suggests, has an aviation theme.

So thanks again for inviting me along, Liz. And thank you, followers of this lively blog, for putting up with me.

Jill  x

It's always lovely to have you drop by Sandra/Jill :) and tell us about your latest projects.  Liz x

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Lesley Cookman said...

Really interesting, Sandra/Jill and Liz. Always a bit surprised to ee how much Sandra and I have in common.

Rachael Thomas said...

Interesting post Sandra. Great to see you have turned a competition entry into a success story. I am certainly going to look out for Jill Barry in the future!

Jill Barry said...

I wonder what it'd be like if we were left alone with a bottle, Lesley! Rachael, I'm all for recycling. Sometimes a book benefits from shortening, sometimes lengthening does the business. Thanks both for your lovely comments.

Liz Fielding said...

I do think competitions are a useful aid for writers. They tend to concentrate the mind. :)

Jill Barry said...

They do, Liz. And for new writers, they're valuable in terms of meeting a deadline. Looking nervously at the date now!