Thursday, July 18, 2013

Free Holiday Read

It's the holidays and, because I know you'll be  loading up your Kindles to catch up with your reading, this two-in-one anthology of a couple of my earlier romances that were published by Mills & Boon in the UK (and released in the US by Harlequin Romance) is available FREE  this weekend.

Here's the first page of OLD DESIRES -

‘MISS Carpenter?’

The enquiry was simply a formality. Holly had no doubt that the man on her doorstep, filling the entrance with his powerful presence, knew exactly who she was. In that, he had her at a disadvantage and she didn’t much care for it, or for the quite unmistakeable chill in his manner.

She had the feeling that, whatever the reason for his call, he would prefer not to be making it and she already wished she had kept to her usual habit of ignoring the doorbell when she was working. Except that this afternoon nothing was going right and she had almost welcomed the interruption.

Besides, one look had been enough to warn her that this man would not have simply given up and gone away. Determination was written in every austere, finely chiselled line of his face; an intensity of purpose that hardened the sensual curve of his full lower lip.

‘I’m Holly Carpenter,’ she affirmed with an unconscious lift of her chin, wondering what this arrogant and very expensively-groomed man could possibly want with her. The well-cut navy pin-striped suit gracing his square shoulders and lean, hard figure, and the telling pale blue stripe of his tie, betrayed that he was a long way from his City office. His method of transport, if the gleaming silver Rolls at the kerb could be described in so plebeian a manner, was already attracting curtain-twitching attention from a window opposite.

And here's the first page of A STRANGER'S KISS

‘I DON’T believe it! Where on earth did he spring from?’ Tara Lambert moved quickly to the door but the tail lights of her partner’s car were already disappearing into the blackness of the evening, taking with them any possibility of help from that direction.

       She glanced back to where the man was waiting across the street. He too was staring after Beth’s car, obviously wondering if Tara had gone home with her partner. Well it was too late to regret refusing the proffered lift, but if she moved quickly it might not be too late to escape.

       Shrugging her raincoat collar up high around her ears she snapped open her umbrella, stepped out into the wet evening and took off swiftly down the street.

       She had gone only a couple of hundred yards when she heard her name being called from the other side of the street. Her escape bid had not, after all, gone unnoticed. With a sinking heart she glanced around her; the shops were already closed and there was nowhere to seek refuge in the shuttered street. Even the taxi rank was deserted, although no cabbie would have thanked her for wasting his time on the short ride to her flat.

       She hurried on, urging the traffic lights to stay green and keep the traffic moving, but even as the thought entered her head they flicked to amber.

       She stopped, cursing herself for every kind of an idiot. She could have stayed in the office and phoned for a taxi. Maybe it was not too late to beat a strategic retreat.

       ‘Tara!’ Her name, much closer, startled her and she glanced back before she could stop herself. He was weaving through the slowing cars and cutting off all possibility of escape in that direction. 
Here are the links!

Amazon, Canada
Amazon, France
Amazon, Germany

 Happy holidays! 


Vince said...

Hi Liz:

What a nice surprise to greet me this morning. The book is safely on my Kindle. Now if the baby would just arrive. What would the UK think if the baby is born on July 29th? That's my wedding anniversary, oh, and it was also Charles and Diana's.

May there always be an England.


Liz Fielding said...

Thanks, Vince. :) As for the baby, well, if it's born on the 29th I don't doubt there will be a lot of it made in the press. I don't suppose it's a coincidence that we had a doc about the recent sale of ten of Diana's dresses on the telly this week.

robertsonreads said...

I look forward to reading this book and will put on my Kindle as soon as it's available here in the USA.
Many thanks and have a wonderful weekend.

Liz Fielding said...

It's available free on Amazon everywhere this weekend thru Monday, Ginger! Go grab a copy!

And thanks I have the grandbabies coming to s:)ta y so my weekend is going to be brilliant. Hope you have a good one.