Thursday, June 20, 2013

Buy one, get one half price...

I made this new edition of two of my vintage romances

(a) because I love playing with new cover ideas - always happy to hear your opinion on those, btw.

(b) I love offering my readers a good deal. With this two-in-one you buy one and get one at half price and who can resist a bargain? :)

Here's what a few people have said on Amazon about the books -

Old Desires

This is one of Liz's earlier books re-released with a new cover. But the book was certainly not old fashioned in any manner, the author still delivered a stunning romance. I was left with a everlasting impression of love found in unexpected places under rather suspenseful and unnerving circumstances bringing forth a revelation of another kind. Desere - 4.5 stars

Interestingly, the point of view is all Holly's. Unlike many of the romance novels of today, we don't get the male POV. And do you know what? We don't want to either. It's very much Holly's story, and the story of her engagement with the reader. Maria - 4 stars

A Stranger's Kiss

This was a nice story with a no nonsense heroine and a hero who reluctantly comes to her rescue a couple of times . I liked the h/h sparring with each other and I LOVED the ending and I thought that the hero's love for the heroine was shown clearly in his actions . A good read :) .Lily - 4 stars

The perfect curl-up-happily book for a cold, damp winter's day. I hope Liz puts more of her backlist on Kindle for me to enjoy again. J. Jones 5 stars

Here's a link!

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