Friday, May 31, 2013

The Cotswolds - Day 2


Fortunately it didn’t last and by the time we’d had breakfast it was dry if not exactly sunny and we set off for world-famous garden at Hidcote Manor

It was a little like driving through a cloud – Hidcote is the highest point in the north Cotswolds – and when we pulled over in a rather dark wood to sort out the automatic lights on the new car I spotted a clump of cowslips looking totally out of place. 

You’re meadow plants, guys! 

Hidcote, a garden created by Lawrence Johnston in the 1930s in the Arts and Crafts style, was a total delight. Relaxed, soft planting… well, I’ll let the photographs do the talking. 

Things here, as everywhere, were late, so we missed most of the wisteria which, next week, will be stunning. But the tulips, bluebells and earliest Azaleas were gorgeous. Left with loads of ideas for my own small patch.

From Hidcote we went on to Broadway, the kind of pretty town that would have looked perfectly at home in Midsomer Murders. 

Good shops – I bought a jacket and the dh treated himself to a hat – and we had an excellent lunch at the Swan.


Sally_Odgers said...

Awww, I'm envious Liz! I love garden-peeping. Most of the plants you mention grow in Tasmania, but I have never seen cowslips and really have no concept of them. I mean... cows' lips or cow slips?

Liz Fielding said...

Cowslips are in the same family as primroses, Sally. Little clusters of yellow bells on a tall stem.

Here's a link

There are some gorgeous pictures of them growing in the wild but the links were about a mile long!