Monday, April 01, 2013

Spring Special!

I'm hoping that Spring will have finally reappeared. After blizzards have swept across a large swathe of the UK in the second half of March, we could all do with a little warmth on our backs so that we can finally shake off a winter that seems to have lasted forever - largely because we didn't get any summer last year.

In case it doesn't deliver, I'm offering a little ray of sunshine with this fabulously sunny cover and a Spring Sale bargain price of 99c/77p/89Ec

Here's the blurb:

Rose has her life all mapped out. A job she loves, a thoughtful, reliable fiancĂ©. Everything is just perfect until a stranger with laughing blue eyes and a roguish grin bursts into her life and turns her life upside down with a birthday kiss. Jack Drayton offers romance, excitement and passion – and he challenges her to accept. Dare she?

Here's a little tease:

A sudden quietness in the office dragged her thoughts back to her immediate surroundings. She abandoned her attempt to concentrate on the document in front of her as she realised there was someone standing at her desk. Someone dressed in a pair of well-worn denims that at her eye level stretched tightly across a pair of arrogant hips. For a moment her gaze was fixed there then, the faintest flush warming her cheeks, she forced herself to look up. Slowly.

His black t-shirt clung to a sculptured chest and broad shoulders. Above the tanned column of his neck she encountered a dangerously square jaw and a mouth that she’d once seen on a Greek statue. Eons later, she found herself looking into a pair of eyes so blue that they might have been plucked from the summer sky.

 ‘Yes?’ she asked, hoarsely, cleared her throat and tried again. ‘Can I help you?’

To read on click the links below, or you'll find it on iTunes, at Barnes & Noble. With luck it will be on Sony and Kobo, too, but they're so slow I can't guarantee it, but if they're your eReaders of choice, you can download at Smashwords

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Helena said...

Thank you! Something cheery is needed given that the weather isn't supplying it.