Thursday, April 04, 2013

First Page Friday - The Secret Wedding Dress #KISS

It's time for another First Page Friday - this time from the fabulous Ally Blake and her new Harlequin KISS title, The Secret Wedding Dress. I've already read this and I can tell you that it's brilliantly sexy, funny, and totally engaging. But don't just take my word for it...

Here's the blurb - 

On maid of honour duty with her best friend, Mae, fiercely independent Paige Danforth finds herself surrounded by hundreds of bridezillas at a factory outlet wedding dress sale when something catches her eye...  Suddenly, there's a tightening of her throat, a lightness in her head…. A glimpse of chiffon in dark champagne. And before she knows it, self-confessed cynic, Paige, the girl who swears blind that happy ever after is an evil myth perpetuated by florists and bakers, has just bought herself a wedding dress! One problem… no groom… or wedding!

Determined to put this wedding dress debacle down to a deliriousness caused by her 'dating drought', Paige decides she needs a man and fast. Enter dark, brooding adventurer Gabe Hamilton... the very next man to step into the lift in their apartment block. So against her type, Gabe is dark and diabolically hot... and only in town for a few weeks! She doesn’t have to have a relationship with the guy. She needs a date. A kiss. A night. A good and proper tumble. A way to find her dating legs again. No promises made, no promises broken. And after witnessing her parents messy divorce and her cricket star dad's notoriously philandering ways, Paige is determined to never let herself be hurt in the same way and this fun-only fling with Gabe is perfect... for now.

Until Paige begins to realise that by purposefully keeping Gabe - the guy who inspires all these new, exciting feelings in her - from getting close, she's creating her own unhappy ever after.

And here's the first page -

Paige Danforth didn’t believe in happily ever afters.

     So it was a testament to how awesome a friend she was that she stood freezing her tush off outside a dodgy-looking Collingwood warehouse in the grey half-light of a misty Melbourne winter’s morning with her best friend Mae who was there to buy a wedding dress.

     Wedding Dress Fire Sale! Over 1000 new and used dresses, up to 90% off! read the massive hot pink banner flapping dejectedly against the cracked brown bricks of the old building.  Paige wondered if any of the other women in the line, which by that stage snaked all the way around the corner of the block, saw the irony of the hype masking the depressing reality.  By the manic gleams in their eyes they all bought into the fantasy, for sure.  Each and every one of them convinced they were the ones for whom the love songs and sonnets rang true.

And here's a link for iTunes, Australia

Sexy Duo/The Secret Wedding Dress/Driving Her Crazy - Ally Blake

"Fast paced, funny, warm and deliciously hot, this is the kind of can't-put-down story Ms. Blake is famous for writing. What's more, she has a magical way of making it feel like the heroine is a best friend who is telling her story over cocktails instead of within the pages of a book. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ONE!"
...Trish Wylie, Goodreads
"If you enjoy fun, flirty, contemporary romances, you'll love The Secret Wedding Dress.  Paige is ballsy and quirky, Gabe is flawed and incredibly sexy. Thoroughly enjoyed!"
...Nicola Marsh, USA Today Bestselling author


jbiggar said...

I love Ally Blake's books, have them all, lol. Well except for those that aren't e-books yet, hint, hint

Robyn Rychards said...

Looking forward to this one Ally! Especially since you posted Gabe's pic!

Liz Fielding said...

Oh, Gabe - be still my beating heart!

Ally Blake said...

Thanks for having me Liz!!! So glad you liked my Gabe. He was sooooo much fun to write!


Ally Blake said...
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