Monday, March 04, 2013

Webpage Design

I've just started the massive job of giving my website a "new look". And not before time I hear you all say.

I have to get it right because it will go across all my social media, tell the world what you can expect from the Liz Fielding experience, the feel of my books.k

So far, I've found a couple of images that I like and my lovely webmistress has mocked up what they'd look like and now I'd love some feedback from you - the lovely people who come here and visit with me, since you're the ones who'll be looking at it.


Neither of these is finished - there will be a background to the red one - and the images are a bit fuzzy because they are comp downloads of the pictures not the full size versions. The voting poll is at the top of the sidebar. All feedback gratefully received!


Cally Taylor said...

Oooh it's so hard to decide. The blue one is lovely and calming and easy on the eyes. The red one is more BAM, in your face, but much more eye-catching and vivid. Although my favourite colour is blue I think you need to stand out from the pack rather than blend in so I vote for RED as it had the bigger impression on me.

Nell Dixon said...

They are both nice but I think the red one is younger and fresher.

Charlotte Phillips said...

I like the denim, I think the image is really sweet as well as preferring the colour. Looking forward to seeing the final result!

Vince said...

Hi Liz:

Denim gets a D-. I have my page zoomed in so I can read the type better and all I saw of the picture was someone’s crotch. I did not know if it was a man or a woman and I don’t think denim is very romantic.

I could not see the little subheads under the graphic in either webpage. These need to be in a dark color. Denim is dull and static. (And blue!)

Red gets an A. It would get an A+ if the subheads were in a dark and visible color. The graphic head is ideal. It is dynamic, (looks like something moving). It is fresh and bright and optimistic. The couple holding hands are walking and the short dress makes me think of young love. It’s as if they are starting out in life walking down the road to their HEA.

Red is the color of love – think Valentine’s Day, hearts, and roses. I also think there is a fusion from your existing website with the colors, the look, and the emotional feel.

As for your name and tag line…with both of these new designs the tag seems a little out of order.

Liz Fielding
Wit, Charm, Sizzle

With the new designs the above copy looks like it is Liz Fiedling with all the wit, charm, and sizzle. However, in the old page, it is more clear that you are referring to your writing. To wit: A Writer’s Life.

Therefore, on your new pages I would suggest you do it like this:

Liz Fielding
Romances with Wit, Charm and Sizzle

The reader cares about your romances having these attributes. Of course, I know you have wit, charm and sizzle but then I’m a special case! ☺☺☺

Now remember: these opinions are those of an experienced marketing man and not an average female romance reader. Ultimately, it is what they think and what they see that really matters.

BTW: I love the cover of “Anything But Vanilla”. You absolutely need ice cream in the artword with that title.


Janet said...

The red one has a much younger, less sedate feel than the blue and really suits the tone of your books.

patonlorraine said...

I like the red header - it has more pop - but I'm not sure I like the wheat color as the outer background.

Change is fun, isn't it? Good luck with your redesign!

Margie Stewart said...

Love the changes coming up, Liz! My vote is for RED.

Amalie said...

I don't care for the red one. The picture of the couple is a good angle, and I love the linked hands, but the blur to green is jarring. It could be that it will work with whatever background goes with it, but it's hard to call without the background.

I find the denim very appealing. It has a kind of casual sweetness to it. Unassuming and simple. Not trying too hard.

(Funny to me that I think that. I always prefer red to blue...)

Liz Fielding said...

Thanks everyone for the comments - they're really helpful so keep them coming!

We're working on the background but apparently what I'm seeing and what my website designer is seeing are different colours. She sees olive, I see grey - which isn't helping!

Liz Fielding said...

Thanks everyone for voting and for your comments. As you can see, the red just shaved it, but that's not the only reason I'm going with it.

A lot of you loved the blue - I did too - but the comments you made about it mostly, along the lines of it being "comfortable" was not the reaction I was hoping for.

The new KISS series is sexy, flirty, modern and I needed an image to express that idea. I do hope you'll all come to the launch party when it's finished!

Tamsyn said...

My vote is Red. Somehow its you to me.