Monday, March 18, 2013

It all started with a Kiss

Have you see the new Kiss titles that were launched in February and have been hitting the top sales spot at Harlequin regularly ever since?

This is a new, fun, flirty, sensual and sexy series launched in the US.

What Publishers Weekly said about Kelly Hunter's launch title, The One That Got Away...

"Hunter launches Harlequin's Kiss contemporary romance imprint with an emotionally powerful and beautifully rendered love story... Readers who thrive on empowered woman and dangerous men will relish this carfefully craft, intense romance with a modern, relevant voice, which sets a very high bar for the Kiss line."

And readers agree...

"It has been twenty years since I read a Harlequin romance. But something about the cover, the description and the fact that Mira Lyn Kelly is a USA TODAY bestselling author intrigued me. And I am so glad it did. My reintroduction to Harlequin could not have been better. I read all 224 pages in oen day and am happily looking forward to reading mynext KISS collection book.!

"Waksing Up Married isthe perfect combination of new romance, angst, flirtiness and sex (not so much it makes me blush but not so little it left me wondering.)"

"If you love romance with just a little bit of sex and love and ... then, this is for you."

"I really like this book. The characters were likeable with a great sense of humor. I was definitely drawn in from the first page. It was a refreshing, light read. My only regret is that it ended so soon and I would have liked more."

Want to try the series for free? Download a copy of of Mira Lyn Kelly's Waking Up Married at  

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