Friday, February 15, 2013

First Page Friday

It's Friday and time for a teasing glimpse at the first page of OLD DESIRES, when the infuriatingly arrogant (no, let's be honest, he's just plain rude) Joshua Kent arrives unannounced on Holly Carpenter's doorstep with an invitation he is not aboujt to let her refuse.

‘MISS Carpenter?’
The enquiry was simply a formality. Holly had no doubt that the man on her doorstep, filling the entrance with his powerful presence, knew exactly who she was. In that, he had her at a disadvantage and she didn’t much care for it, or for the quite unmistakeable chill in his manner.
She had the feeling that, whatever the reason for his call, he would prefer not to be making it and she already wished she had kept to her usual habit of ignoring the doorbell when she was working. Except that this afternoon nothing was going right and she had almost welcomed the interruption.
Besides, one look had been enough to warn her that this man would not have simply given up and gone away. Determination was written in every austere, finely chiselled line of his face; an intensity of purpose that hardened the sensual curve of his full lower lip.
‘I’m Holly Carpenter,’ she affirmed with an unconscious lift of her chin, wondering what this arrogant and very expensively-groomed man could possibly want with her. The well-cut navy pin-striped suit gracing his square shoulders and lean, hard figure, and the telling pale blue stripe of his tie, betrayed that he was a long way from his City office. His method of transport, if the gleaming silver Rolls at the kerb could be described in so plebeian a manner, was already attracting curtain-twitching attention from a window opposite.

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Anonymous said...

More engaging, sizzling prose then Liz! I definitely want to read on now! :-)

Liz Fielding said...

Thanks, Molly! It's on special at the moment - 99c/77p :)