Sunday, December 02, 2012

Sunday Six meets A Stranger's Kiss

It's Sunday so it's time for another "Six".

Tara Lambert, blackmailed by Adam Blackmore into working as his secretary, is finding it hard to resist the shocking attraction that flared between them from the moment they first met. Working late in his apartment, her resistance begins to unravel...

For a moment his eyes challenged her to defy him, to ignore the warmth of his body against her own, to ignore the way his mouth curved with sensuous insolence, inviting her to make the first move and risk the surging desire that had surfaced so abruptly when he had kissed her in the wine bar.
It was hard. Harder still to ignore clamour of her blood pounding with wild impatience through her veins. To ignore the way her skin was tingling, begging to be stroked by the long fingers holding her against him, teased by the broad tip of his thumb, already far too close to a betraying nipple, erect against the soft cloth of her dress.
       Another moment would have been a moment too long but without warning he stood up with her, surprising a soft cry from her lips. He smiled then, and set her gently on her feet.

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Eleri Stone said...

Such a tease!

Liz Fielding said...

I hope so, Eleri! I do hope so. :)

Pippa Jay said...

Very hot six!