Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas is coming...

WINNER! Janet has won Michelle Douglas's The Nanny Who Saved Christmas. Get in touch, Janet and we'll get the book to you! 

Christmas is getting out of hand. My grocery order is now going to need a supermarket truck of its own. There is a pile of pressies on the dining room table for the grandbabies waiting to wrapped. The sun has taken the week off so my solar lights are not doing very much at all and I forgot to order to wholegrain mustard. Again.

But the decs are up, the tree is twinkling festively, the carol singers are on their rounds tonight and tomorrow - I hope the rain lets up for them - and I've finally found my electric can opener. (Moving home takes longer than you would think!)

Now if I can think of some exciting little extra to pop under the tree for the s-i-l (one of the world's least acquisitive souls) my work here will be done.

Meanwhile, here are some announcements.

First, thank you all so much for making the launch of Old Desires such a success. Thanks to all your blogging, reviews, tweets and FB support, it went zinging into the top ten on both sides of the Atlantic and even made a bit of an impression in Europe, where eBooks are still rarer than hen's teeth.

I hope you all managed to download it free, but it's still a steal.

At the moment there's a daily Under the Christmas Tree feature on the Harlequin Romance Author's blog, which is worth a look, if only to wonder at Shirley Jump's 12 ft tree. Of course there are books to be won!

There's Lucky Love a new "Love" book from Nicola Marsh for those of you who fell in love with Crazy Love earlier this year.

Sadly, the Riva series hit a bump in the road  and The Last Woman He'd Ever Date never got it's scheduled paper release in the UK, but the New Year will bring the launch of KISS in the US, which is where you'll find Anything But Vanilla in May. Have you downloaded Mira Lyn Kelly's Waking Up Married? It's free, but only available in the US, sadly. PW raved about it.

I don't have any more guests before Christmas, but there will be one last not-to-be-missed gift for you all as the year ends and 2013 rings in. It'll be here for you to pick up on 28 December so make a note in your diary. You won't want to miss it.

Oh, and if writing romance is on your list of New Year resolutions, don't forget to put a copy of Liz Fielding Little Book of Writing Romance on your Christmas list.


Kaelee said...

Liz ~ Just wanted to pop in and wish you a Happy/Merry Christmas. I loved your comment on moving taking a long time. I totally agree.

Liz Fielding said...

Thanks so much, Kaelee - and to you. Make sure you stop by on the 28th for freebie!