Thursday, December 06, 2012

A Christmas Letter from Donna Alward

My guest today is the fabulous Donna Alward who, since she was first published six years ago, has been winning plaudits and prizes for her wonderful warm, emotional romances.

This Christmas, she has teamed up with fan favourites Fiona Harper and Shirley Jump to produce a fabulous threesome of stories (in the UK - the books stand on their own in the US).

Here is Donna to tell you about it...

Thanks for having me over to visit, Liz, and helping you celebrate such a great milestone. To be in this business for twenty years takes some staying power. I can’t even begin to imagine the changes that have happened in the industry over that time. I’m six years in and my mind is already blown.  Not only that, but your books continue to be as warm and charming as ever… I looked up to you way before selling my first title and I still do. There are lots of times I ask myself WWLD? (What would Liz do?) Thanks for your ever-present generosity and inviting me to share a bit about my latest release, Sleigh Ride with the Rancher.
I wrote this book as part of a trilogy with Fiona Harper and Shirley Jump. I couldn’t have picked two better people to work with. It was a lot of fun chatting back and forth (sometimes even about the books!) and now having the stories out for the holidays. In the US the books have come out back to back – Oct/Nov/Dec. But in the UK the Holiday Miracles trilogy has come out as a single volume called A Christmas Letter. I have serious cover love for this version. In fact, Fiona and I first caught a glimpse of it together! We were in California for the RWA conference and editorial sent it through to her e-mail. Since seeing each other in person is a very rare occasion, it was super special that we were there together. We were just missing Shirley…
The cool thing is that each book offers something slightly different while still blending into each other. When I got my antho copies, I read all three from start to finish so I can tell you that’s really true. If you like romantic English settings and a fairy-tale romance, Fi’s title SNOWBOUND IN THE EARL’S CASTLE is for you. If you’re into rugged heroes, independent women, and snow, then SLEIGH RIDE WITH THE RANCHER (mine! Set in frosty Canada!) should fit the bill. And if you like heartwarming, small-town Hallmark-style Christmas stories, you’ll adore Shirley’s MISTLETOE KISSES WITH THE BILLIONAIRE, where she wraps up the holiday (and the entire family!) with a big bow.
You can check it out at amazon uk, at Mills and Boon or if you check out the M&B facebook page, you can enter to win a copy (and a chance at a new ereader!)
Thanks for having me Liz, and congratulations. Here’s to many more.


PrincessFiona01 said...

I'm looking forward to reading this closer to Christmas. I have the Alward Jump duo which I might give to someone for Christmas as I found the Christmas Letter trilogy book afterwards.

Kaelee said...

I loved this trilogy. Reading them put me in a holiday frame of mind.