Thursday, November 08, 2012


I've been watch my Blogger stats lately and they've been creeping up to the 100K visits and I thought that was something to celebrate. I imagined it would happen late this month and I'd planned to make a fuss and say what a great journey it's been and how many great people I've built up a cyber friendship over that time.

Then this morning I looked for the first time in a week (I'm still trying to figure out why there was a huge spike in visits on the 2nd November when I hadn't posted for several days) and bam - the number passed unnoticed plus 500 or so.

It's like missing your birthday or something. I didn't have fireworks, or cake, or champagne or even a bar of chocolate.

What I have had is a lot of fun. Dozens and dozens of fabulous guests. Connections across the globe with readers, writers, a lot of people who - like me - mistyped Chritmas and ended up on my blog by mistake. I do hope some of them stayed for a minute or two.

A blog is a bit like a diary. Here are 800+ posts about my life as a writer over - well, I can't actually remember when I actually started blogging but I was an early adopter so it must have been quite some time ago. The stats page doesn't tell me (unless I go back to the first post and really life is too short).  It was a slow build up and I haven't always been great at keeping the blog fresh. I think my very earliest version - set up for me by Sunday Times bestselling author Portia da Costa on a previous version of my website, was updated about once a month.

Things have changed. These days a writer without a blog is like...

You fill in the blank and I'll dish out copies of one of my new eBooks - Eloping With Emmy or A Stranger's Kiss or Liz Fielding's Little Book of Writing Romance or, if you can wait a week or two, Old Desires and Dangerous Flirtation.

Because that's another thing I couldn't have imagined when I started writing this blog - that I'd regain control of some of my earlier books and be able to republish them myself.

Thanks for all the fun, all the laughs, all the stories, all the support. Here's to the next 100K!


Jan Jones said...

Hmm, tricky.

A writer without a blog is like... a door without a letterbox

Not quite right. I'll think on.

Liz Fielding said...

I like that, Jan!

Debby said...

A writer without a blog is like McDonalds with no hamburgers.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Aurelia B Rowl said...

A writer without a blog, is like a sentence without punctuation.

Happy 100K Liz!! Here's to the next 100K :-D

Caroline said...

A writer without a blog is handbag without a bar of chocci hidden somewhere in it. Happy 100k+ blog visits Liz! Caroline x

redjuliet said...

A writer without a blog is like a reader without a book! Congrats on this latest milestone! I love that you have gotten control of your older titles so that I can download them since I love your work and can't pay $100.00 for a used paperback! Thanks for the giveaway!

Anne said...

Belated congratulations, Liz. I always enjoy your blog, almost as much as I love your books.

Liz Fielding said...

Thanks so much, Anne. Loving your new cover. :)

Liz Fielding said...

Debby and Redjuliet, thanks for stopping by and joining in the fun. Email me your choices - books and ereader platform - at liz at lizfielding dot com and I'll get back to you.

Everyone else - an email is in cyberspace.