Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Moving Chronicles VI

It's the last day before the packers arrive to put everything in boxes. The fridge/freezer went to a new home today. The washing machine has spun it's last cycle for me - we've been together for about 15 years. I'd like to say that I'll miss it, but actually I'm looking forward to a modern, energy efficient, quiet machine that doesn't dance across the floor when it spins.

I took the last load to the charity shop - well, hardly a load. It was the dh's jacket - worn once or twice, but he's lost weight and hopefully will never need anything that big again. I found it hanging behind the spare bedroom door yesterday.

And then there's the bag of the dd's soft toys. A whole bin bag full. Her husband said he'd divorce her if she took any more back to their house. I opened it, thinking I'd sort through them and... And the soft white bunny with the floppy ear was on top. The bag is coming with us.

Tomorrow is going to be difficult. I'm going to be in the way, I suspect. And I have one last painful duty before we leave.
I won't be able to take flowers to my parents little marker in the churchyard again, so I'm going to dig up some violets from the garden and plant them around the back of the stone.

It will take a year or two for them to establish, but I know from my own garden that in they'll soon spread and their lovely heart-shaped leaves and sweet flowers will be there every spring.


CHARL said...

Good luck with your move. Planting the violets is a great idea xx

Imelda Evans said...

May the violets bloom long.

Evie McLaughlin said...

Where are you moving to? I love violets.

Nell Dixon said...

Hugs, hope everything goes smoothly.

Charlotte Phillips said...

Hope all goes well with the move and you are soon settled in x

Anonymous said...

Moving can be both painful and joyful. A new beginning but having to leave the past.

I hope you find joy in your new house Liz, and many new happy memories are formed there.

I'm sure the violets will bloom as strong & beautiful as the person who planted them :-)


Chris Stovell said...

All best wishes to you Liz at this time of mixed emotions. Here's hoping your move goes smoothly and you and the violets settle in your new home soon.

Sherry Gloag said...

Happy landings :-)