Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Six Sentence Sunday for Mother's Day!

Today, the fourth Sunday in Lent is Mother's Day in the UK - the day when servant girls were allowed to go home and visit their families, taking a cake and picking wild flowers on the way - so I've chosen my six sentences from my book Secret Baby, Surprise Parents, a story about the perfect gift of surrogacy.

But nothing he had done, nothing he had achieved, not even a hastily conceived and swiftly regretted marriage had ever dulled the memory of that one night they’d spent together and still, in his dreams, his younger self reached out for her.
It had been unbearably worse during the last twelve months.  Sleep had been elusive and when he did manage an hour he woke with an almost desperate yearning for something precious, something that was lost forever. 
This.  This woman clinging to him, this child…
He brushed his lips against her temple and then, his head full of the warm, milky scent of baby, he kissed Posie and for one perfect moment all the pain, all the agony of the last twenty-four hours fell away.
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Linda Morris, Romance writer said...

That is a very sweet excerpt. His love for mother and child really comes through. Very poignant.

Guilie said...

Nice, and like Linda said, very sweet. I wasn't sure who the woman in his thoughts was. First I thought it was an old lover, someone he'd been with a long time ago, just one night. But the last paragraphs threw me a little. First the reference to "this woman, this child"--"this" means that she is with him now, right? She's the woman from his past, and Posie is the child? But if they're there now (he kisses them both, so I'm assuming it's not just imagination?), why is it "lost forever"?

Sorry if I'm being dense. I did like the snippet, and I look forward to more. Happy Mother's Day (if you're a mom) and thanks for sharing.

Christine Warner said...

Loved your snippet today Liz! Very tender.

Ursula Grey said...

Beautiful and touching six!

Liz Fielding said...

Thank you everyone. :)

Guille, there is, as you worked out, a moment in the past between these two. The present is about the baby the heroine has borne as a surrogate for her sister, his brother. She is the woman in the snippet.

Very emotional - it's one of my biggest selling books.