Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Liz Fielding's Little Book of Writing Romance

It's on sale now!

It seems to have taken forever to launch my latest project, but it's finally available on Kindle and will be appearing on other platforms in the next day or two.

I'm just about managing to contain my excitement long enough to tell you that this little book is a primer - an entry level aid for the writer who has a story to tell, but is struggling to get it out of her head and onto paper. To quote the theme song for the movie of Erich Segal’s bestselling book Love Story, “How do you begin. . . ”

I know how that feels, I’ve been there and I have written the book I wish I’d had when I was starting out.

My purpose is to explain, in the simplest terms — no jargon! — and using examples from my own work, how to make the transition from the story in your head to words on paper. How to write a compelling opening, deepen conflict, write honest emotion, hopefully with a touch of humour to leaven the mix. How to write crisp dialogue, develop the romance, add a little sizzle.

Following last week's draw, five names were drawn from the magic hat and


are already reading it, or will have it on their computer in the next few days.

For the moment it's at a special price of £2.45 in the UK and under $4 in the US (at least it was when I caught a glimpse of the price - they won't let UK residents see the price on the US site for some reason) largely because Amazon have got it wrong, so if you're thinking of buying it, it's probably a good idea to do it quickly before they sort it out!

If you have any questions, please ask.


Jennifer Faye said...

Hi, Liz. Just bought your book and I'm already reading and enjoying. I even downloaded the Kindle app to my computer so I could read it. *G*

BTW, when I picked it up at Amazon, U.S., it was almost $5. Still a great bargain.

Thanks for writing it.

Becky Black said...

I wonder why we Brits can't see the prices on .com. And the other way around is the case too. I suspect shenanigans. It's a recent thing, isn't it? I definitely used to be able to see the prices.

Lacey Devlin said...

Happy launch day!!!

It's amusing that the US won't let the UK see the prices - it's as though they're shielding you lol! Ah where is logic when you need it? Perhaps it's a programming glitch?

Liz Fielding said...

Hi Jennifer!

First, thanks for buying the book - you are a star and I hope you get something out of it that helps your writing.

And thanks for the heads up on the price. Amazon are so weird about this - and a bit of a law unto themselves on the pricing front. It's not as if we can buy a book from the US site anyway.

The fact that iTunes only price in .99s rather than .50s has complicated things.

Liz Fielding said...

I'm sure it's the other way round, too, Becky, but deeply frustrating for authors. With my other books, I can usually see the price if it's on the list of "also bought". Maybe LB will start to appear on those soon. :)

Liz Fielding said...

Thanks, Lacey.

Logic? This is publishing... The industry with a business model you couldn't make up!

Becky Black said...

I think I sense an email to Amazon coming on to say "what's the deal". It's annoying enough as a customer, but even more frustrating as a writer. I've seen a number of writers lately ask on Twitter if someone can go check the price for them, please.

Chris Stovell said...

Congratulations, Liz. I'm sure the Little Book will be a huge benefit to many people.

Liz Fielding said...

And I sense, that like my Aunty May, you are a "pen to paper" woman, Becky! Metaphorically speaking.

While Jennifer paid the proper price of $4.99, the dh, who uses Mac and can see the price at the US site, is being $3.75

Weird, weird, weird...

Liz Fielding said...

Thanks, Chris - when is your new book being published?

Caroline said...

Congrats Liz - you must be super excited! Caroline x

Liz Fielding said...

Thanks, Caroline - I am buzzing, but boy was it hard work. Back to ice cream now!

Maria from 'gaelikaa's diary' said...

Congratulations. I've seen comments about it out there on Facebook and it is getting praise. I'm looking forward to reading it when my copy arrives! :)

Mia Loveless said...

wow! I think I need to rush to get a copy of my own too. The exciting thing is that... it's on SALE! Thanks for the info. :)Mia Loveless

Mia Loveless said...

Hi Liz, You did a good job. I'm pretty sure it's a lovely story. Though I wasn't able to read it yet but the comments really speaks for it. Good luck :-)Mia Loveless

Mia Loveless said...

I truly agree with you that as a writer there's really a need on how to write crisp dialogue, develop the romance and a little sizzle. Just for the reader and the story to be more exciting. :-)Mia Loveless

Nicola Marsh said...

Congrats on the launch of a fabulous writing resource, Liz!