Tuesday, November 01, 2011



Voting for the final four "pivotal moments" of the New Voices 2011 competition begins on 1st November at 9 am. You have three days to make your choice; here's the lovely Charlotte Phillip's moment of change for Anna and Jack in her entry, Honeymoon With a Stranger.

Do go and support her and the other three writers who have worked so hard over the past week.

And if you entered a chapter - or two - I hope you're already polishing up your first three chapters to submit in the usual way. There were lots of really great entries and Mills and Boon are still looking for writers with that little extra sparkle. Go for it!

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Phillipa said...

Just read it, Liz. What a fabulous writer she is, such realism, depth and such a delicate touch. I can't believe that M&B won't take her on anyway, on the strength of that, no matter what the outcome - and what's more, she'd surely be great at mainstream rom fic too - or is that mutinous talk?