Monday, November 28, 2011


I’ve had the most fun following the run-up to the publication of Nicola Marsh’s single title BUSTED IN BOLLYWOOD and, as a member of her street team, I had the pleasure of receiving an ARC.

BUSTED begins with a big fat lie – always a great place for a romcom to begin. Shari Jones — in a very dark place and jobless after splitting with her cheating ex — goes to Mumbai in place of her best friend who wants nothing to do with the man her parents have arranged for her to marry.

Her mission - and she's already regretting accepting it - is to make the man back off. Say "no thanks". Be the one to pull out of the arrangement.

This is clearly not a great plan and, as you’d expect, doesn’t go well. On the up side Shari falls in love with the food and culture of India. And she meets a very sexy Englishman.

Back in New York and beginning to get her life together, Shari gets a bit part in a Bollywood extravaganza, meets up with Mr Sexy and things should be great. Falling in love with a guy who lives on the other side of the world is never going to end well, though, especially when his mother is a witch.

Fabulous food, exotic scenery, hot sex and a heap of emotion makes this a fun read.


Nas Dean said...

Hi Liz,

I enjoyed reading BUSTED IN BOLLYWOOD. It sort of re-connected me back with my roots! As I have been westernized born and bred in an Island country. Though fun, it was an emotional story.

Congratulations to Nicola Marsh on it's release!

Nicola Marsh said...

So glad you enjoyed it, Liz :)

Nicola Marsh said...

Wow Nas, I'm so pleased to hear you say that.

Think I was extra nervous with you reading it, considering your Indian background, so relief and chuffed it reconnected you!