Saturday, July 16, 2011

More from the conference

Beginning to catch up with life after last week's conference and I've finally dug out some pictures.  This is Sandra Mackness (Toni Sands), me and Sue Smith (Jennifer Taylor) enjoying the Saturday night banquet.

I think the atmosphere could best be described as "lively"; these conference venues are always stunned by just how lively 150 romantic writers can be.  I fear they all believe that we are all incredibly sedate and wear pink. What a mistake to make!

The workshops were very informative, as was the published authors round table; lots to talk about at the moment with the surge of eBooks changing the face of publishing in the same way as the paperback -- according to publisher Simon Petherick -- did in the first half of the twentieth century. 

My colleague, Fiona Harper, gave an inspiring talk on using emotion and keeping it on the page. 

A panel of award winning writers, including Jill Mansell, Joanna Maitland and Elizabeth Chadwick talked about their careers and their writing methods.

This is Jill - who writes on the dining room table with the television on - showing us her essential "time line", aided by Joanna Maitland and Jane Wenham Jones who chaired the panel.

Linda Gillard (Emotional Geology) - another award winning author - gave a workshop on painting with words.

Our new chair, Anne Ashurst (Sara Craven), brought the conference to a close by drawing the winner of an amazing hamper of chocolate donated by Green & Black's - who also added bars of their Maya Gold to all the conference goodie bags.

It was a wonderful weekend. Much to learn and absorb about a fast changing business. Time to catch up with old acquaintances, make new friends and put real faces to the Tweeps I've come to know over the last year.


Raven McAllan said...

sounds great! hopefully I'll get to one at some point, althugh I'd just be 'start-struck'!

Vince said...

Hi Liz:

Did you happen to see Abigail Gordon or Lucy Gordon at the conference? They get very little publicity.


Liz Fielding said...

Hi Raven

I hope you make it soon. But we're all starstruck by someone at the conference :) but even the stars are friendly. First timers have a great time.

Liz Fielding said...

Hi Vince

Neither Lucy nor Abigail were at the conference. Promo tends to be author driven - HMB promote series and brands, rather than authors - and neither of them do much. I once sat with Abigail at an awards lunch where we were both on the shortlist, but back then she didn't even have a website.

I see Lucy most years at the Mills and Boon author lunch in London (which we organise ourselves and to which we invite Harlequin and Mills and Boon editors. Quite a few authors travel over from America for the occasion.

Lucy has a website but isn't very pro-active about promotion and I've never seen her at a conference either here or in the States.

Lesley Cookman said...

It was great, wasn't it, Liz! I feel very priviledged to be able to call some of those "stars" (including you) friends.