Friday, December 03, 2010


Thanks everyone, for taking part in last week's competition.  It was great fun reading all the entries;  there is a lot of imagination and talent out there.

Congratulations to Linda S, who  won the draw for a copy of Kate Walker's 12 Point Guide to Writing Romance.  I know she'll gain a lot from this terrific book.

The big news on the book front this week is the launch of Mills & Boon new RIVA imprint in the UK.  The strap line,

"Live life to the full - give in to temptation"

says it all. :)

This is an entirely new range of books that is all about "voice" rather than a prescribed level of sexuality.  About modern young women and their lives.  And in June this year you'll find my "ice cream" book, Tempted by Trouble, appearing in this new livery.

The books are available now at Mills and Boon's website and will be in the stores in January. But I'll bet you can't wait to treat yourself for Christmas to Jessica Hart's follow up to last year's sensational Oh So Sensible Secretary.


Joanna St. James said...

Congratulations linda and I am really excited about these new covers too

Kate Walker said...

Congratulations to Linda S - I have to admit that your excerpt intrigued me and I've been trying to imagine the story that goes arond it.

Thank you again to Liz (who is definitely The Biz) for running this contest and to everyone for joining in - it was such fun reading all the entries. And if you didn't win, do 't despair - I gave out abou 10 copies for contests all over the internet. So keep your eyes open and you might be in with another chance.

Or, of course, you could always put the 12 Point Guide on your wish list for Santa - most bookshops will now have it in stock or to order.

Thank you again Liz - can't wait tyo mread your Riva book - but do I really have to wsait until June???

Nas Dean said...
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Nas Dean said...

Congratulations to Linda and thank you Liz for running this contest. Thank you Kate for witing the 12 Point Guide to Writing Romance. After reading the chapter on the black moment, I went back and rewrote my work! The book is awesome. I'm reading chapters from it and going back to my story to rewrite!

I know Linda will value and appreciate this book as much as I do.

Vince said...

“The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it... I can resist everything but temptation.”
Oscar Wilde

Viva Riva!


linda s said...

OMG... talk about a day late and a Dollar short... I was absolutely thrilled to recieve both Liz's Mistletoe and the Lost Stiletto and Kate Walker's 12 Point Guide today in the mail. An abundance of family crises at the end of November left little time to visit the blogs and I missed this for some reason. But, I want to say... Thank you!!! I loved Misteltoe and the Lost Stiletto and I am looking forward to Learing from the fabulous Kate Walker.