Thursday, November 11, 2010


HIS PERSONAL AGENDA is in the line-up of the books being re-released by Harlequin as an eBook in whatever format you prefer.

Here’s the blurb –

Troubleshooter Matt Crosby has a hidden agenda: he’s been hired to find out all he can about Nyssa Blake…

But when Matt meets Nyssa, he falls for her – and his private agenda suddenly gets a lot more personal! Nyssa is naturally wary of Matt, especially as he seems determined to keep her at his side twenty-four hours a day. Tension begins to build between them, and once Nyssa discovers Matt’s mission, there’s bound to be an explosion!

Well, yes.

His job is to destroy her reputation but within minutes of setting eyes on her, Matt is rescuing her from a kidnap attempt. Here’s the moment –

Nyssa Blake was smaller than he had imagined from her photographs and reed slim, but the neat burnished cap of bright hair, the pale delicate skin, the elegant black dress were pure drama and every eye in the room was fixed on her, waiting for her to speak.

Matt was not easily impressed, nor he suspected were the journalists who had gathered there and yet he felt a quickening in the air, a stir of anticipation as she looked around the room, acknowledging acquaintances with the briefest of smiles.

Then her gaze came to rest on him, lingering in a look that seemed to single him out, to hold his attention and just for a second he had the disconcerting sensation that she could see right through him, recognised him for what he was.

He had wondered, looking at her photograph in Parker's office, if her eyes could really be than impossible shade of blue, or whether, like her hair, the colour had been enhanced for effect.

But there was no need to enhance anything. The effect came from something that lit her from within and he knew what it was. Passion.

And her look, he discovered as for just a moment their gaze locked and held, had a kick like a mule.

Matt hadn't been affected like that by a woman since Lucy Braithwaite had dropped her knickers in the vestry after choir practice, cutting short a promising career as a solo treble. He was still struggling to recover his breath when Nyssa Blake took a sip of water before finally beginning to speak.

'Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for coming to Delvering today,' she began, her voice unexpectedly low and slightly husky rippled through him, stirring the small hairs at the nape of his neck. He swallowed, slumped down a little further in his chair. Was that how she did it? How she drew supporters to her, twisted the callous Fleet Street hacks around her dainty fingers, walked past security guards without let or hindrance? Did she just turn on the lamps behind her eyes, murmur in that low voice and turn them into her willing slaves?

He rubbed his hand over his face in an attempt to pull himself together. He hadn't come to the press conference to join the Nyssa Blake fan club. He just wanted to get the measure of the girl ... woman ...

Well, he was doing that all right. But it sure as hell wasn't what he had expected.

'I do hope you have all taken advantage of this opportunity to look around Delvering, to talk to local people, to discover for yourselves what exactly is at stake here,' she continued, then quite unexpectedly she grinned, and for a moment he saw the girl, still there behind the sophisticated veneer. 'But don't worry if you haven't,' she said, indicating the projector with a wave of her hand. It was a gesture that would have done justice to a geisha, controlled, exquisitely graceful and for just a moment his body seemed to do a loop-the-loop as he imagined what that hand could do to him. 'I'm about to enlighten you, so save your questions until after the show.'

There was a murmur of laughter as the light dimmed until there was just a small shaded lamp over the notes on the lectern, the powerful beam from the projector directing all eyes to the screen with its aerial view of the small market town of Delvering.

As if this was a prearranged signal, several people leapt to their feet in the darkness. There was an angry yell that turned into a cry of pain from the man standing by the projector as it was overturned, hitting the floor with a crash that blew the lamp, plunging the room into almost total darkness.

The heavies. He didn't have to see them to know. He'd recognised them for what they were despite their suits and their careful interest in Nyssa Blake's work and he'd assumed they were minders. He'd been wrong. And there was one right in front of the lectern.

Without pausing to consider the wisdom of his actions, Matt Crosby hurled himself towards the shaded light that illuminated nothing but Nyssa Blake's small hands, frozen in the act of turning over the first page of her notes.

Nyssa should be grateful to her rescuer, but instead she “borrows” Matt’s car to make her getaway. From there on in it’s a battle of wits. Kiss chase with serious consequences for both of them.

I have a paper copy of HIS PERSONAL AGENDA to give away. Just leave a comment – something about the excerpt, or maybe your feelings about a romance with a little bit of danger to heighten the senses. I’ll draw a winner out of the hat on Sunday.

Meanwhile, here's a link to the Kindle edition -


Jessica Hart said...

I'm grabbed, Liz! It's great that the backlists are becoming available. Impossible question, but do you have a favourite from among your earlier books?

Liz Fielding said...

That's a tough one, Jessica. Obviously the ones where the words just flowed onto the paper - I think there were two of them - are books I have a soft spot for.

I love Eloping With Emmy - my first dual viewpoint book and one of the above.

And then there were the ones like His Personal Agenda and Wedded in a Whirlwind that are a little bit off the plot for HR. And the first person books which were just plain fun.

But even the ones that were a nightmare to write seem to take on a glow once I'm writing something new and that's the one I'm hating!

How about you? You've written over 50 - which one has a special place in your heart?

Nas Dean said...

Wow! a romance with danger and thrill! Love and romance amid car chase...I like!
Please put my name in for the giveaway!

Joanna St. James said...

me please! I like your fun voice so much

Lacey Devlin said...

I'm a sucker for a rescue, especially if the hero is as conflicted as Matt is! He's job is to destroy her but he's rescued her instead, what to do, what to do...

Poor guy never stood a chance ;)