Monday, October 18, 2010


Writers tend to be shy creatures.  They spend all their time locked away from human contact while they spin tales to entertain you.

Once in a while they emerge, blinking in the light to sit in a bookshop, a pile of books in front of them ready to sign, bookmarks, postcards to give away.  Even a dish of chocs if you're lucky. 

If you see one, sitting in a bookstore, do not scuttle past as if she might force you to buy a book - she won't!   You're in a bookshop and even if you're in there to buy a map, or the latest celebrity cookbook for your sister's birthday, do pause for a moment, say hello, take a bookmark or postcard (it doesn't bind you to anything) and make her feel welcome. (None of which applies if the author is J K Rowling, btw!)

I had the pleasure of dropping in at the author-friendly Waterstone's in Carmarthen a couple of weeks ago to catch up with debut author Christine Stovell, whose book, TURNING THE TIDE has been published by Choc-Lit.

This is not my photograph.  I managed to turn up without a card in my camera - and the new camera doesn't say "no card" when you press the button so I was home before I realised I'd missed the big moment.  I had to beg this picture from someone else who was there.  By the time I arrived, the table was crowded with people and the pile of books seriously diminished.  Exactly how a book signing should be.

It's always fun to go along to book signings and meet with authors you admire, have a chat about the book and get one personally signed.  Maybe two.  Books make fabulous presents for friends and family.  I've just bought the Winter Flower Fairies for my eight month old grand-daughter.  You cannot start too young!.  .

But back to Chris's delightfully atmospheric romance.  You'll find an excerpt and more background to the book here or if you click on the link below.


Chris Stovell said...

Oh yes, do say 'Hello!' As Liz says no one will force you into buying, but if you just stop to talk, I promise you will make the writer's day. Seeing Liz's beautiful smile across the room really helped steady my nerves so I'm very grateful to her for helping to make my first book signing so enjoyable.

Vince said...

Hi Liz:

I love the cover of “Turning the Tide”. It is on UK Amazon (but not USA) as a Kindle choice. I don’t know if this can be downloaded to the USA from the UK. It sounds interesting to me because I have done marketing for several real estate developers.

BTW: I’ve been to many book signings and here are a few rules I suggest for readers:

1. don’t ask how much money the author will make on the book.
2. don’t ask the author to talk about other authors that you find more interesting.
3. don’t ask the author if that is the only book she has written.
4. if you are a friend of the author, don’t spend the whole time talking ‘shop’ to her: some fans do not want to approach an author if she is talking to someone else.

That’s just a few.


Liz Fielding said...

Enjoyed your rules for book signings, Vince. Not sure whether you can download Turning the Tide from the UK Amazon site. It's all to do with territories, I think.

Vince said...

Hi Liz:

Well, I tried to buy the Kindle version of "Turning the Tide" from the UK Amazon but it would not allow me. I'll just have to wait for it to come to the USA. (I need the eBook because I can make the type very large and thus easy to read.)

This is a little strange because I am allowed to buy the UK Mills & Boon books as eBooks. (I just love getting books before I'm allowed to have them. : ))