Monday, June 14, 2010


I've been working very hard in the garden during the last couple of week, a fact I've been bewailing on Twitter.   Thorns in my hands, a nettle sting on the lip and quantities of ibuprofen for the back.

This fellow, gorgeous though he is, is no longer part of the scenary.

Shame, really. I do love dandelions, especially the silvery clocks, but I doubt I'll be without them for long because the entire lane has been golden with them for the last week or so.

Dandelions and the luscious frothy cow parsley have taken over from the bluebells and red campion, crowding in on the road and making visibility difficult. I've noticed the local authority are out slicing through it on the main roads in the cause of road safety. Hopefully we'll have ours for a few more days.

Not all is weeds, though. I've taken Rosie, the new camera, out for a walk and captured this luscious orange pansy in a pot on the deck of the Snap & Scribble shaking off a shower.

I did take a load of pictures of stocks and clematis and snowballs, but unfortunately, every time I lined up a shot, a little breeze decided to come out to play. I'll try again when the weather is kinder.

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