Saturday, June 05, 2010


I first met Elizabeth Oldfield when a group of Mills & Boon authors were invited to tea at the historic Brown's Hotel in Albemarle Street for afternoon tea, by the fabulous Charlotte Lamb. A very memorable occasion for a very new author.

We met in the cloakroom; I was trying to get my shaking legs under control, while she was so cool, so authorly. But then Elizabeth Oldfield was the author I'd been advised to read when my first Mills & Boon was turned down. She was a star, held up as an example, an author I should study if I was ever to hope to be published.

Reader, I studied her.

A couple of years ago, after a break from writing forty Mills & Boon romances to go travelling with her husband, Elizabeth published a mainstream women's fiction book called VINTAGE BABES and it was a true privilege to welcome her as a guest here on my blog so that she could share her new venture with us.

This week, Elizabeth lost a long battle with cancer and our thoughts are with her family and friends.

She will be much missed by all those who knew her, and by her many fans in all corners of the world who loved her books.

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Kate Walker said...

Cpunt me amongst those fans - of Elizabeth herself, and of all her fabulous books, Liz. She was such a warm and welcoming person, and she welcomed me as she did you on my very first meeting with the other M&B authors. I was so sad to hear that she had died - a lovely lovely lady.

And it's a funny feeling to know that I was in that room for tea at Browns too - but we never met up then