Wednesday, May 12, 2010


This week I realised that my digital camera had died. It wouldn't recharge - to be honest it hasn't recharged for some time. When I needed a camera I grabbed the dh's, but I like to have my own camera. One I can put in my pocket, or my handbag. That's always there.

I informed the dh - camera buyer extraordinaire - and he went online to look for something small and slender. He got v. excited about a black one, talking mega-pixels and zooms. I said I wanted a pink one.

I got the look.


"Pink. To match my eReader."

He tried to find the model in pink. They didn't make one. What a mistake...

Meanwhile I went online and asked Google to find me "pink cameras". Google understands a girl. Up it came with this sweet little Canon Ixus with terrific pixels and loads of mega-thingies and a zoom that is a whizz. And I could have had it in any colour I wanted.

It arrived today. This is it. I am in love - and the dh is seriously impressed too. You can be frivolous and still get the goods.

Now I have to name her. And the Sony eReader.

It's competition time. The netbook is Delores, my memory stick is Freddie - I only name the portable stuff - so I have copies of SOS: Convenient Husband Required for the two best suggestions - one for the eBook and one for the camera.

Off you go!

Oh, PS There are pics of the Snap & Scribble on Shedworking including a pic of our mate, the fab Les - Picus Crafts - helping to put it up! (And me bending over Delores!)


Lacey Devlin said...

Oooo I want one. They're so pretty! :D

penney said...

Congratulations! I've heard so much about them I want one too.

Manisha Deora said...

Hi Liz. Hmm really pretty one you've got her and Pink is cute.

Lois said...

Ooh, gadgets. . . pink isn't my color, but I so love gadgets!! :) How about Lizzie and Kitty. . . guess Lizzie for the larger one and Kitty for the smaller. . . and yep, got the names from the most obvious source. LOL :)

Lois, who has no imagination. ;)

Liz Fielding said...

I've been having fun today taking close ups of pansies and daisies. And despite the fact that I have a v. serviceable black leather case from previous camera, I'm off to check out the cool pink ones on Amazon. :)

Lois, I like Kitty.

Ginette said...

My sister loves everything pink and I know she would love yours. She would never name her things though (How boring) I name mine and they seem to behave. She's had problems with her laptop and she curses it black and blue. If I talk nice to mine it seems to behaves.
How about Pixie for the camera and Rose for the ereader (after all everthing always seems Rosie at the end of a good book) Not so Rosie when you keep getting interrupted just as your reading the good part though LOL

Liz Fielding said...

Laptops are like plants - and children - you have to treat them with love and affection if they're to do their best. :)

I can't imagine calling anything Pixie, but I'm liking Rosie. A lot.

Mary Ann Derbin said...

Congrats and have fun. Electronics are great. I love the colors.

Liz Fielding said...

Thanks, Mary.

Anne Gracie said...

Love it, Liz. I have an older Canon that I bought for the color, too -- red! To match my baggage. It makes me smile each time I pick it up.
And it takes great pics, too. LOL

Liz Fielding said...

Love that your camera matches your luggage, Anne!

I've been having fun taking photos of things in the garden. Can't believe what great close-ups I'm getting. Annoyingly the breeze kept moving the perfect dandelion seed head I found and now it's raining!

Liz Fielding said...

Time to pick winners I think.

I love "Rosie" and that's what I'm calling the camera, so thanks for that Ginette.

"Kitty" is cute, too. Unless I come up with something I like better that's going to be the Sony's name.
Thanks to Lois for that one.

If you'd both like to email me at liz at lizfielding dot com with your snail mail addies, I'll pop a copy of SOS: Convenient Husband Required in the post to you.

Feeling very rosie about that - I've just heard that it's got a 4.5 stars from Romantic Times. :)