Wednesday, January 20, 2010


...and now I have to tell you seven things about me that you don't already know.

Oh, dear. Is there anything left?  You all know about the chocolate addiction, the fact that I loathe housework, struggle with my weight, cook - intermittently, that my son had his first book published last year and I am about to become a grandmother courtesy of my dd.

I'll try, but stop me if you've heard this before...

1 I'm going to Rome in the spring.   You won't have heard that.  It's very new news since I only booked yesterday! This will be our second trip and we'll have more time to fit in stuff we missed a couple of years ago. We'll know not to wear ourselves out before being faced with the climb up to the Palantine.  And this time I'm defo going to throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain because I want to make certain that it won't be my last visit!

2 I started wearing spectacles when I was three years old. Those little round metal ones that these days look cool, but back then there was no choice. The specialist told my mother that he couldn't do anything for me until I could read the letters off the board. Yeah, right... I showed him!

3 My daughter was addicted to mauve when she was tiny -- a colour unheard of in children's clothes back then. I used to accost total strangers in the street if I saw a child wearing something in any shade of mauve and ask where they'd got it (I was the archetypal embarrassing mum). She still remembers the mauve jumper I knitted her (out of pure desperation!).

4 At a smigdeon over five feet tall and with size 4 shoes, I was the tallest woman and had the biggest feet of any woman on my mother's side of the family until my daughter overtook both at around the age of 10.

5 I renewed my passport today, which means it's ten years since I went to Washington RWA with my dd and met some lovely ladies including Anne McAllister, Anne Gracie, Grace Green, Shannon Short amongst them and got a bit of reputation on the dance floor.   The lady in the post office checking my photograph to make sure my ears showed said I hadn't changed a bit.  Wrong.  I've put on weight and the hair is white instead of blonde (it was white then, the blonde was courtesy of L'Oreal!)

6  I had a cheese and tomato sandwich for lunch.

7 I took my driving test four times before I passed (I was incapable of reversing around a corner), but I've been driving for 45 years without an accident.


Joanne Coles said...

Wow on number 4, that's remarkable!

I love reading everyone's facts, which really reminds me--I should do mine really.

Lacey Devlin said...

I love number three! Who doesn't love mauve?? :)

Liz Fielding said...

It's the Welsh side of the family, Joanne.

Liz Fielding said...

It's still her favourite colour, Lacey :)

Kate Hardy said...

I knew you'd have some interesting ones (and interesting pics - I remember friends at primary school with glasses, and the girls were all forced to wear those horrible pink ones).

I loved mauve clothes, too. My favourite was a dress with a white bodice and a really deep purple long skirt. (1970s fashion - 'nuff said.)

Caroline Storer said...

Great list Liz. I love mauve - it's an "in" colour at the moment. DH2b bought me a great pair of boots for Christmas - they are Croc boots - never seen them before but they are so comfy! Like Croc shoes (obviously!) but then they are fur trimmed - and in my case mauve fur! They do get some looks - I must post a picture of them on my blog site soon! Take care. Caroline x