Tuesday, October 13, 2009


If you love the Harlequin Romance novels this is a HOT opportunity to get some free books. You can sign up to be a Harlequin Ambassador!

If you qualify as a Harlequin Ambassador, you’ll be sent all the tools you need to spark great conversation about Harlequin books including:

* Free books
* Short Stories
* Chapter excerpts from upcoming books
* and much more!

In addition, you will be able to review and comment on the covers, new book ideas and exchange opinions with women just like you! Check it out here


DarleneLF said...

I was hoping to join this exciting opportunity, but the categories I checked off are already filled :(

Lacey Devlin said...


Liz Fielding said...

Sorry about that, Darlene. I picked it up on the net and thought I'd pass it along. Romance HQ doesnt keep authors informed about this stuff!