Sunday, September 20, 2009


We spent this afternoon at the Big Village Show, touring the exhibits and seeing who won what.

It was a totally gorgeous day and we walked up through the National Botanic Gardens, revisiting the Japanese Garden which began it's life as an exhibit in Chelsea. The trees and plants had grown a lot since I last saw them.

The last time I was there, I had to stand on a scaffold to look over the wall into the walled garden. Today it was filled with fruit, vegetables, fig trees and plants and from one of the paths I took this photograph of the great glass dome, which is where they filmed a recent episode of Dr Who.

David Tennant so close...

The big day was yesterday, with the choir and the TV, but people were beginning to gather for the presentations and as we approached the marquees, the heart was pounding a little hoping that the dh wouldn't be disappointed.

The prize winning leeks. The prize winning carrots. The children's miniature garden. The prize winning flower arrangement.

Only when we'd admired everything else did we go into the marquee where the photographs were on display. And major excitement.

The dh had won first prize, second prize and also the blue ribbon for the best photograph in show! He absolutely refused to stand and be photographed wearing the ribbon (I would have, too!) but here it is.


Caroline Storer said...

Congratulations to your dh! He must have been chuffed to win. All the hard work paid off. Take care. Caroline x

Jan Jones said...

Fantastic! Well done, him!

Lacey Devlin said...

Oh wow! Congrats to dh! They're really gorgeous pictures!

Kate Walker said...

Many many congratulations to your lovely DH Liz. Please give him a great big hug from me seeing as I missed being able to do so in person last week.

I'm not surprised though - those are truly fabulous pictures as are all the ones I've seen on your blog.


Kate Hardy said...

Congrats to your DH, Liz - excellent news, and well deserved.

Joanne Cleary said...

Yay dh! What a wondefully talented family you have :-)

Michelle Styles said...

COngrats to your wonderful husband, Liz.

He is a truly talented photographer.

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