Sunday, July 05, 2009


I've come over all French.

Or is it that the French have come over all Liz Fielding, this summer?

There are three specials on sale in France this summer, starting with Le bebe du boss (please forgive the lack of accents I can't work out how to do those on Blogger) an anthology of novellas including A Perfect Proposal.

This is the one where a plain Jane secretary proposes to her gorgeous boss and he says yes. Unfortunately a perfect secretary does not necessarily make the perfect wife. Or does she?

Then comesPassion au soleil, another anthology with a reprint of my first ever book, An Image of You -- or as they say in France, Idylle in Kenya -- where a women's lib heroine finds herself working hand in glove with photographer Karel Lukas on a sexy calendar shoot in Kenya. They have history. She's hoping he doesn't remember.

And finally, Coupe de foudre au bureau, in an Azur reprint of three novellas written especially for Strictly Business with Penny Jordan and Hannah Barnard, which includes The Temp & the Tycoon. Workaholic boss and a secretary who can never ignore anyone in trouble take a trip to New York where she makes it her mission to reawaken the wonder in his soul.

Both A Perfect Proposal and The Temp & the Tycoon, were issued as a Mills & Boon 100th Anniversary editions last year.

The Temp & the Tycoon is still available in the UK in print and eBook formats


Lacey Devlin said...

I think the French have come over all Liz Fielding! Look at those gorgeous covers!

Snookie said...

It must be totally cool to see your books in different languages! The covers do look great :)

Anonymous said...

Hello - I started reading one of your Beaumont books today,looked up your website and was interested to see you had been a secretary in Zambia. I too worked out there as a secretary to the Minister for Southern Province in Livingstone from 1971 to 1973. Were you out there then? I shared a flat in Livingstone with a Scottish secretary - Rosemary Clarke.

I then went on to work for Aramco in Saudi, Comiran in Iran and also did a stint in Khartoum.

It would be a great coincidence if you brushed contracts with me!!

Regards - Pauline Birchnall

Liz Fielding said...

Hi Pauline!

How great to catch up with someone else who worked in Zambia. I was a little earlier than you 66-68 after which I joined the best beloved in Qatar and travelled around a lot with him until the ankle-biters came along. Never in Saudi, Iran or the Sudan though.

What an adventurous pair we are!