Sunday, June 07, 2009

Reading: An ARC of The Tenth Case by Joseph Teller; great so far. I know there's going to be a twist. I'm trying to work out what it's going to be.
Listening: Dolly Parton
Watching: Kingdom


I've been giving away a ton of my books this week. French, Greek, Spanish and a whole hussle of various language translations to a library.

The request for an Indonesian one was frustrating -- I have editions out there, my latest royalty statement showed some new ones, but I haven't had my copies. They may turn up. I've kept a note.

And that's not all. Every month I give away a book at The Romance Studio in their Book a Day giveaway. This month it was The Secret Life of Lady Gabriella which is on its way to Mildred this week.

Someone is giving away a book every day, there so do drop by and take part at Book a Day.

Next month I'll be giving away a copy of my first ever sheikh romance, HIS DESERT ROSE, so look out for that one.

And don't forget that I draw a name from my list of Newsletter subscribers each month and the lucky winner gets the book of her choice from my backlist.

And if you're already downloaded The Bride's Baby for free and wondered if there was a backstory for architect Mark Hilliard, the answer is yes. His story is The Perfect Proposal -- a marriage of convenience that doesn't turn out quite the way he expected. As his new bride puts it, far from peace and tranquility, he'd got Bob the dog, mud all over the kitchen. And no dinner.


Lacey Devlin said...

I'm thrilled that Mark has a story! I've not had any lucky finding His Desert Rose in my little second hand book store so I'm completely thrilled to have this chance!

Liz Fielding said...

Excellent, Lacey. You'll find Mark's story in a Romance 2-in-1 with Betty Neels called The Engagement Effect. It was republished in the UK last year as part of the 100th Celebration, too, but those editions are really hard to find.

Michele L. said...

Ooo...Mark has a backstory! I always love reading the history of characters.

As always Liz, I love your books! I have read several by you and love them!

Have a great week!

Lacey Devlin said...

Thanks Liz!

I'm still going to keep my eye out for the UK edition too, love those 100th Celebration editions!