Tuesday, April 07, 2009


It's always a big week when a book is published. Interviews, blogs, comps and talks. This week I'll be doing my stuff at my local WI which promises to be fun. I've got a lovely book to give the winner of the "first lines" competition that I set.

I hope you'll find time to visit Coffee Time Romance and take part in the competition for a book and some Liz Fielding goodies here

I'll be blogging here at RomanceTV on Thursday -- Trish Millburne is there today -- and at CTR on Saturday (if I can ever get the hang of the system they use!)

It's your chance to make any point you want so come and join in the fun. I'll be delighted to see you. Meanwhile, click on the link below and you can read the whole of Chapter One.

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Snookie said...

I bought the book last night :) :) ;) I started reading and could not put it down until I finished (which was not so good since I started after 10 pm and finished slightly before 1 am and had to get up for work at 6 am! Liz, I loved it! Secret Baby was very emotionally packed! I really like the way you protrayed Josh. This book reminds me of he emotionally packed Wedded in a Whirlwind. You tackle some heavy subjects very well!