Sunday, April 19, 2009


My dear friend Kate Walker is holding a masterclass here on her blog on the subject of heroes -- more specifically the much maligned "alpha" hero.

Anyone who writes, or would like to write, needs to go and see what the guru has to say on this subject. Also for the pictures of Hugh Jackman.

Here's one to be going on with!


Phillipa said...

Did you see Hugh on the Jonathon Ross show, Liz? He was wonderful - witty, sexy, funny and very down to earth. As himself, do you think he would make a Romance hero rather than a Presents?

P x

Napier John said...

No, I didn't Phillipa. Sorry to have missed it. And yes, yes, yes -- a Romance hero to his toes.

T.Ash said...

Absolutely!! I agree!!
He's such a nice person!! Apart from being such a hunk, ofcourse!!