Friday, March 13, 2009

Mills & Boon and Virgin Trains kiss and make up…

Following Mills & Boon’s passionate opposition to Virgin Train’s kissing ban at Warrington train station, Virgin have been seduced by the world’s leading publisher of romantic fiction.

This Friday, Virgin and Mills & Boon will officially kiss and make up.

In support of Comic Relief on Friday 13th March, Mills & Boon and Virgin Trains will be indulging in a day-long romantic reconciliation at mainline rail stations including Euston, Warrington Bank Quay and Glasgow.

Warrington-based Mills & Boon author Annie Burrows and Virgin Trains’ Director of Communications Arthur Leathley will be launching the initiative at Warrington Bank Quay station at 9.45am.

Kissing-friendly platform events taking place throughout the day include:

• Mills & Boon book jacket photo-opportunities
• Brad Pitt look-a-likes and Virgin staff selling kisses for Red Nose Day
• Free ‘kissing mints’
• Love-seats designed by Mills & Boon and Virgin
• Live readings by costumed Mills & Boon ‘Romantic Heroes’
• Mills & Boon book giveaways


Snookie said...

Well liz... I read through that twice and I know what is going to happen, but I don't understand any of it! I'm funcused!

Liz Fielding said...

Hi Snookie!

I thought I'd blogged about this before, but the background is that Virgin trains issued a "no kissing" edict at Warrington station, because passionate farewells were holding up the taxis. That sounds so unEnglish doesn't it!

It made the national news and Mills and Boon instituted a campaign to lift the ban.

Yesterday Virgin retracted the ban, put the no kissing signs up for sale on eBay and they and Mills and Boon had a lot of fun getting publicity and raising money for Red Nose Day -- a national charity fund-raising day here in the UK when everyone (including celebrities) does crazy stuff to raise money and everyone wears red noses, or fastens them on their cars.

Honestly ... you have be here!

Snookie said...

Thanks for the explanation Liz, maybe you did blog it and I missed it... though I ususally catch all your blogs.

It sounds like a fun day!