Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm being driven absolutely crazy by my email server -- it's letting in the mails, slowly, but refusing to let me reply to them and I'm desperate to send congratulations to so many of my friends who're listed in the Short Contemporary Category for the Rita this year.

Two HARLEQUIN ROMANCES! Both Jessica Hart and Barbara Hannay are former winners in the Traditional Category. This just proves that HR can stand against the best in the business.

There's one of Anne McAllister's fabulus Antonides books in there, too. Way to go, Anne!

Brilliant to see a Medical from Lilian Darcy in the line-up, too. Lilian is no stranger to the Rita lists, either.

Congratulations to all of you! I won't be in Washington, but I'll be there in spirit, cheering you all on.

Here's the full list --

A Mother’s Wish
by Karen Templeton
Harlequin Enterprises, Silhouette Special Edition (ISBN: 9780373249169)
Gail Chasan, editor

Adopted: Outback Baby
by Barbara Hannay
Harlequin Enterprises, Harlequin Romance (ISBN: 0-373-17526-4)
Meg Lewis, editor

Antonides’ Forbidden Wife
by Anne McAllister
Harlequin Enterprises, Mills and Boon Modern (ISBN: 978-0-263-86478-6)
Jenny Hutton, editor

Falling for the Lone Wolf
by Crystal Green
Harlequin Enterprises, Silhouette Special Edition (ISBN: 978-0-373-24932-9)
Susan Litman, editor

Last-Minute Proposal
by Jessica Hart
Harlequin Enterprises, Harlequin Romance (ISBN: 13-978-0-373-17544-4)
Maddie Rowe, editor

Texas Heir
by Linda Warren
Harlequin Enterprises, Harlequin American Romance (ISBN: 978-0-373-75230-0)
Kathleen Scheibling, editor

The Children’s Doctor and the Single Mum
by Lilian Darcy
Harlequin Enterprises, Medical Romance (ISBN: 0-373-71454-8)
Bryony Green, editor

The Cowboy’s Christmas Miracle
by RaeAnne Thayne
Harlequin Enterprises, Silhouette Special Edition (ISBN: 0-373-24933-0)
Gail Chasan, editor

The Right Mr. Wrong
by Cindi Myers
Harlequin Enterprises, Harlequin American Romance (ISBN: 0373752032)
Wanda Ottewell, editor

For the rest, go to the RWA site -- there's a link on my sidebar.

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