Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Last year, A SURPRISE CHRISTMAS PROPOSAL was published in the "Love & Laughter" series in Germany. Clearly it was a hit because yesterday I stumbled on this book at the German Amazon site, giving it a second outing and I loved the cover so much that I had to share.

We don't always get copies of foreign editions, or even discover they've been published until the half yearly statement arrives many months later. Yesterday was one of those moments when, despite all the problems I have with it, I love the 'net.

I've also just received the hardback editions of my first book for next year, SECRET BABY, SURPRISE PARENTS. The cover image -- a really rather lovely one -- seems to have disappeared from my computer, but it's in the sidebar. It won't be retail paperback until April, but look out for the HERE COME THE BRIDES/GROOMS competition with Kate Walker and Anne McAllister in January when one of these babies will be up for grabs. The heroine -- Grace McAllister -- was named to honour two of my favourite authors. One is Grace Green, now sadly retired. The other is-- well you can work it out for yourself!


This is just in from Susan Meier...

Karen Kish and Snookie won the drawing!

Each receive a copy of my book and a sample box of candy from the candy factory I toured as research to write next year's Christmas story.

I'll need snail mail addresses from Karen and Snookie!

Thanks everyone for stopping by.


Kate Hardy said...

What a lovely cover, Liz!

Know what you mean about the surprises. I discovered I was translated into Hebrew in the first half of this year... and ohhh, I would've loved a copy of my first Hebrew translation!

Elsje said...

I love to look up foreign editions as a game to try and guess the original title (which works if you understand a few languages). There are a few wonderfully creative translators out there who deserve much more credit than what they get!

Dena said...

Great cover Liz!

Congrats Ladies!

Jan Jones said...

Lovely cover, Liz!

Do you know, I can't imagine who Grace's surname was for. I shall have to do some deep thinking on this one...

Michelle Douglas said...

Liz, I think Grace McAllister is the most beautiful name.

Hmm, am sighing over your cover - it really is very lovely.

Snookie said...

Mahalo Susan!

That is a cool cover Liz. It must be really fun to see your books in different languages!

I'd love to check out a Hebrew edition! Couldn't read it but think it would be really neat to see! Do they read from right to left?