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This week my guest is the wonderful Modern/Presents author Trish Morey who I had the great pleasure to meet at the RWA conference in New York a year or two ago.

This sizzling cover of an anthology, on sale in Australia this month, featuring stories by not just Trish but Lucy Monroe and Melanie Milburne who were also in New York. A never to be forgotten visit.

Trish has been on her travels again, this time to the Mediterranean, and she's dropped by to share these beautiful photographs of her adventures in Greece.

The last time I was in Rhodes and Athens, I was on my honeymoon (and Trish our starting point was Doha!). It's been more than 36 years -- definitely time the dh and I made a sentimental journey...

Welcome, Trish!

Liz, happy 50th book and thank you for having me as your guest! It’s a delight to be able to share such a fabulous achievement with you. I hope you don’t mind if I share some recent holiday snaps with you!

As you know, I’ve just returned from a few weeks overseas exploring parts of
Europe and the Middle East with my husband and four daughters, an enormous adventure that took us from London to Euro Disney to Paris to Rome and the Amalfi Coast to Santorini then back to London and finally home through Doha. Phew! It amazes me that we made it safely home with all family members, six pieces of luggage, and even our marriage intact.

But for all the fabulous places we travelled and all the wondrous sights we saw, one place topped everyone’s favourite list. Looking at the photos, it’s not hard to understand why.

Santorini is a collection of small volcanic islands in the Aegean Sea just north of Crete and like most Greek islands, is made for the camera. My eldest said it’s not possible to take a bad photo on Santorini. She might be right. Santorini’s picturesque cliff-top villages cling to the rim like icing on a cake.

There’s plenty of the quintessential blue and white we associate with the Greek islands...

... with the odd burst of colour, as delightful as it is unexpected, with bougainvillea running riot, splashing pinks and purples over sun drenched walls.

Everywhere you turn, there’s yet another glorious view, a glimpse of perfection, a feast for the eyes and for the camera lens. Doorways frame million dollar views and beckon you to come inside and discover the bars and restaurants huddled in the terraces below. White walls frame a perfect domed roof and contrast against the blue of sea and sky...

... with always a surprise in store around every corner...

And if you *have* to do revisions to your last manuscript while you’re travelling in Europe, what better place?

I tell you, it was hard to concentrate on the manuscript! But there was a reward for all that hard work, because, at the end of the day, the views only got better. It was my first time in Santorini and I know it won’t be my last.

I have two books out at the moment in Australia, The Italian Boss’s Mistress of Revenge (HM&B Sexy) and the novella, Back in the Spaniard’s Bed, in Her Latin Lover anthology (both were September UK releases and still available at Mills and Boon and through and while neither of them have anything to do with Santorini, you can be sure that this magical island is going to feature in a Trish Morey story coming soon.

And to win a chance to win a copy of both Trish’s current releases, leave a comment with your favourite place in the world and why and Trish will draw a winner from the entries.

To catch up with more of Trish’s travel adventures, visit her blog

For ore about The Italian Boss's Mistress of Revenge (and to buy the book in either paper or eBook format) click on the icon below.


Trish Morey said...

Liz, I had no idea you and Doha had history!

I loved Doha, totally fascinating, exotic and mysterious, although Greece, and Santorini in particular would be very hard to beat in the favourite stakes.

Anne Gracie said...

Trish, thanks for sharing those gorgeous pictures. Gives me itchy feet -- I need to go back to Greece.
Am so looking forward to reading this trilogy.

Liz, congratulations on your 50th book. Your books are an auto-buy for me.

Anyone for a romance conference in Greece?

Christina Phillips said...

What fabulous photos, Trish. They made me very nostalgic! I love the Greek islands, have been a couple of times but can't see us visiting again any time in the near future!!

Happy 50th book release, Liz!!

Anonymous said...

Trish what a lovely blog to be reading as the temperatures plummet outside and the rain lashes against the windows. Brrrr. I for one can't wait to read your Santorini inspired book...
x Abby Green
p.s. happy celebrations to Liz - looking fabulous at fifty! Books that is. Ahem.

BethRe said...

My favorite place is a cabin in WV, USA where there isn't any phone service or tv a big screened in porch but still close to a spa

Liz Fielding said...

I wish I was 50, Abby!

Trish, I was in Doha in 1968 and it was a different world then. But driving out into the desert, following camel herds down the Corniche, eating fresh dates are all great memories.

Eva said...

Those beautiful photos brought back memories of our visit to Santorini a few years ago. Going up on donkeys was scary and fun :)and that beautiful island is still my favourite!

Sandra Hyatt said...

Trish - gorgeous photos. Gives me itchy feet.

robynl said...

fav place in the world is Victoria, B.C., Canada with the Pacific Ocean, shell picking on beaches, great restaurants, watching ships coming in/out, horse drawn carriage rides.

Jane said...

Santorini is beautiful. I would love to take a Mediterranean cruise. My favorite travel destination is Hawaii. I've been lucky to have been to Oahu and the Big Island.

Gina said...

My favourite destination is Maimi, the shopping the sights and all sorts of multi cultural food.

Anonymous said...

Of all my travels, I think my favorite place that I like to visit again and again is the Isle of Capri. I love the local flavor-the food, the people, and the scenery.

Barb said...

Trish, what gorgeous photos! I've been to Italy and Spain, which are beautiful too, but I haven't been to Greece and now I can see I must get there.
Yes, to Anne on a romance conference in Greece!

Hi, Liz. Congratulations again on your fiftieth!!

Trish Morey said...

Wow, a gal grabs a few hours sleep and comes back to a party:-)) Thanks everyone for dropping by and Liz, once again, for inviting me.
Anne, any time you want a romance conference in Greece, I'm so there!

Christina, I don't know when I'll get back, I only know I must. I figure I'll work out the details later:-)) How fabulous you've been a couple of times!

Hey Abby, great to see you here! Sorry to hear about the rain. I can't believe the weather's doing that to you - it was perfect while we were in the UK - apart from one rather windswept day at Stonehenge. I remember one bin crammed full of broken umbrellas. Wish I'd taken a photo of that:-))

Bethre, I want to hear more about this cabin in WV (where is that exactly?) Sounds like a piece of heaven to me. Love that peace and quiet - with luxury within reach:-)

Trish Morey said...

Oh Liz, those dates! They are the best. Now I"m drooling!

Hi Eva and my kids will echo you on the scary and fun bit going up on those donkeys. I wasn't with them that day, I was slaving over hot revisions. Note to self - never do that again - nuts!

Sandra, I think my itchy feet are itchier than ever now. People say it takes a long time to settle down after a trip like that. They're right!

Robynl, I think I'll have to head over to Victoria BC. I've heard wonderful things about it. One day!

Hey Jane, wouldn't a Greek Island cruise be wonderful? We watched the cruise ships come and go as we sat on our terrace. Island hopping really appeals. But I'm with you on Hawaii too. Was lucky enough to stopover in Honolulu on my way to RWANationals this year and it was a great way to break up a very long flight. Loved it!

Gina, I've never been to Miami but will have to add it to my list of must sees. Trying out different food or having it authentically prepared is one of the best things about travel.

Trish Morey said...

Joye, I'm definitely adding the isle of Capri to my travel list! We saw a snatch of the island as we traveled down the Italian coast but didn't have time to ferry over. Next time!

Hi Barb! You've been to Spain? Now there's another place I haven't been and must get to one day. It's kind of eye opening realising how much of the world one hasn't seen.

Michele L. said...

Oh my gosh! I have a new travel destination on my wish list! Those pictures are gorgeous Trish!

Well, I haven't been to any exotic locations like you but in the United States there are plenty of beautiful locations. I loved the Niagra Falls! Oh, and Hearst Castle in California was spectacular! San Francisco is a beautiful city with all the hills and cable cars! So much fun! Oh, and I can't forget Florida, Key West, Sanabel Island, etc. It is so hard to name one favorite Trish! I love them all!

Now the places I would love to go to are Italy, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, France and anywhere tropical like Bermuda! Love the sunshine!

A big congratulations to you on your book! Hurray!

Many blessings,
Michele L.

Michele L.

Snookie said...

My most favorite place in the world is my home. Haven't been to very many places, but there are lots of places I want to visit some day, New Zealand, Australia, England, Scotland,Eastern coast of Canada... and I just may add Greece to the list after looking at those pictures!

So far though, nothing has beat watching the sunrise from Makapu'u, the sunset at Waimea,listening to the native birds at Keanakolu, watching the lava enter the sea at night, sitting in the silence on top of Mauna Kea, sitting on the beach at night listening to the waves roll in... home! :)

Michelle Douglas said...

I so LOVED your photos, Trish! Santorini looks amazing - am adding it to my wish list of travel destinations too.

But, my favourite place in the world is London. And I'm getting seriously excited as it looks as if the dh and I may be popping across (if one can call a flight in excess of 20 hrs popping across) in January. Yay!

One thing I have to adk, though, is how did you manage to do revisions whilst on holidays? I'm thinking... no way.

Trish Morey said...

Ah Michele l, San Francisco, now you're talkin'!:-) Just love that town. When you get to NZ someday, you'll just love Wellington, I know, which SF so reminded me of. It's the timber houses clinging to wooded hills, the cable car and the water - and the fact the earth moves and frequently:-(

Snookie, sounds like you live in paradise - it must be hard to leave but I bet anything, it's lovely when you get home. Travel certainly makes you appreciate even more how special your own part of the world is.

Ah Michelle, London! We had a ball in London (note to self, must upload some London photos on blog!) You will have a fabulous time. Enjoy!

Liz Fielding said...

We've recently had a programme on the tv in the UK with the fabulous Francesco da Mosta travelling by sail on the Black Swan, from Venice to Istabul (I trip I've made the other way on a conventional liner -- and wow!)

The crew of the Black Swan -- especially the captain -- were pure hero material and I have to tell you UK "Romance" authors were figuring out how we could afford to charter it for a week just to lie back and watch those muscles working. :)

Definitely top of my pops when I win the lottery.

Liz Fielding said...

We've recently had a programme on the tv in the UK with the fabulous Francesco da Mosta travelling by sail on the Black Swan, from Venice to Istabul (I trip I've made the other way on a conventional liner -- and wow!)

The crew of the Black Swan -- especially the captain -- were pure hero material and I have to tell you UK "Romance" authors were figuring out how we could afford to charter it for a week just to lie back and watch those muscles working. :)

Definitely top of my pops when I win the lottery.

Trish Morey said...

Liz, a trip by liner from Venice to Istanbul or vice versa, sounds like my kind of trip. Especially if accompanied by those Black Swan shipmates!

If you figure out a way to charter that vessel, please book a passage for me:-))

Dena said...

Hi Trish, Good to see you here. Santorini is beautiful! I've always wanted to visit Greece. I haven't travelled much and only once out of the US. We went to Victoria in British Columbia, Canada and it was so beautiful. The Empress Hotel and the harbor all around it was so breath taking. I have wanted to visit Australia since I was around 10 years old and hopefully will be able to someday. It has long been my dream place to visit.

Rose said...

Hi Trish

My what lovely pictures. I went to a resort in Barbados, it was by far my favourite travel destination.

Anonymous said...

Hey Trish

My favourite place is The Bahamas. Atlantis Resort was a dream place to stay as well.

Catherine said...

I love Surrey in England. I went to visit a friend there and I loved how quite it was.

Elise said...

Trish I know you will be able to identify with me on this, I love Australia. I went to Brisbane and the sights were amazing. The variety of food available was exquisite.

Betty said...

I love Hawaii. The beaches and food are my favourite. I really loved your Clemenger sisters books.

Kate Hardy said...

Gorgeous pics, Trish - thanks for sharing. Brought back memories from my teens, too :o)

Carol said...

Hi Trish, I love New Jersery. The Scenery is so beautiful

Trish Morey said...

Hi Dena, that's another vote for Victoria, BC! Sounds gorgeous. And I really do hope you make it to Australia one day. I'm sure you'll love it!

Rose, I've never been to Barbados but I can see I'll have to remedy that one of these days.

Lisa, even the sound of the Atlantis Resort does it for me, even without the Bahamas connection:-)) Lucky you! Another for my must do list!

Catherine, there's certainly something about that gorgeous English landscape. On our recent trip we stayed with friends in Hertfordshire and it's a lovely part of the world - close to London but surrounded by rolling green fields. Very restful with all mod cons laid on. Perfect.

Elise, so glad you loved your Aussie getaway! Brisbane is a great city and you're so right about the food Downunder. We're blessed with fabulous food down here and fabulous chefs to go with it. And now you've got me smacking my lips...

Trish Morey said...

Betty, I'm so glad you dropped by and thank you so much for your comment about the Clemenger sister books! They're a favourite of mine too. And I see you're partial to Hawaii too - good choice. My latest accepted manuscript, to be published August 09 in the UK and titled "The Ruthless Greek's Virgin Princess" is set largely in Hawaii - I hope you like it!

Hey Kate, thanks for dropping by. Lovely to see you again! (Was very lucky to catch up with Kate while in London recently - so good to have the chance to chat face to face for once!) And you got to go to Santorini in your teens? See, now I'm jealous. The UK is so close to all these wonderful places. It's a bit more of a stretch for us Downunder.

And hi to Carol! New Jersey is another place I've never spent time in and now I'm going to have to go google and see what I'm missing! I'm a sucker for a fabulous view.

Sarita Leone said...

Amazing photos! Thanks for sharing them with us. :)

My favorite place is Chincoteague, Virginia. A small island, not too crowded and just gorgeous.

Maureen said...

Such beautiful pictures. I have to say that I my favorite place to go is a beach anywhere that there's sand and sun.

Serena said...

Hi, Thanks for having the gorgeous Trish on your blog, Liz. (And congrats again on the big five oh - books that is :) )

Loved the photos of Santorini, Trish. It's on my *plan to visit one day* list. My favourite place? Hmmm. What a toughie - might have to Trieste in northen Italy. It's the place of my family roots. Both my parents were born in Trieste as was my brother. (I was made in Italy but not fully imported as I was born here in Melbourne - Mamma arrived 8 months pregnant) Trieste has some of the mots fascinating places to see - the roads are large and wide, comparing to Australian roads in some ways. It's a big city port and the Piazza Unita is a favourite meeting place for people to chat, drink coffee and enjoy the sunshine. My favourite sight in the Castello di Miramare. It's a 19th century castle, built by the Austrian Archduke Maximilian for his wife, Charlotte of Belgium. He later became Emperor Maximilian I and she was Empress Carlota of Mexico. The history is shown on murals in the castle. The castle itself sits atop a cliff top and is surrounded by landscaped gardens and it utterly beautiful! I have a painting of it on the far wall of the family room.

Hugs to you all,

Trish Morey said...

Sarita, I just googled Chincoteague - what an interesting island, I love the architecture and the setting, no wonder you love it so much.

Beach, sand and sun? Oh yes, Maureen, I'm so there! There really is something magical about watching the sea, whether from the sand or from a highrise balcony metres above. Good choice!

Trish Morey said...

Hey Serena, so glad you could drop by! My search engine fingers are worn down to stubs here - I've just been checking out images of Trieste - how picturesque! And your parents managed to leave that glorious city? You must go back and you simply must visit Santorini on the way.

Loved that castello di miramare too. Beautiful!

I really want to thank everyone for their posts, I'm discovering the most amazing and gorgeous places, and being reminded of some of the most simple and therapeutic pleasures too, such as the humble beach. My feet are getting itchy all over again:-))

Annie West said...

Trish, your trip sounds brilliant! So glad you got back with all family members, baggage and even marriage intact! It gives me hope for our family trip to Europe (and a few days in the UAE) soon. As long as I don't lose one of the kids I'll be happy. Or dh...

I agree about Santorini - point a camera and the view is terrific. Even the sight of you revising your ms on holidays looked exotic, though I'm so sorry you had to do that.

Our next trip will be a cold one, but we will get to the fantastic German Christmas markets and a sleigh ride outside of Salzburg so that should be fun.

Glad to have you safely home!


Anonymous said...
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