Friday, September 19, 2008


With a family wedding next week and a deadline approaching at the speed of an express train, I'm running around chasing my tail trying to catch up with myself!

Trish Wylie-- herself locked in the deadline cave -- hasn't yet given me the name of her winner, but I'll keep you posted on that.

Kimmy won Joanna Maitland's book, HIS CAVALRY LADY and it's on her way to her right now.

I'll be off line now until after the wedding, but Jessica Hart will be my guest at the beginning of October. She's celebrating the publication of her own 50th book this month so I hope you'll come along and cheer her.

Finally, because my daughter's very best friend who now lives in Louisiana, has been caught up in various weather related incidents recently and is unable to fly over for the wedding, she made a video to celebrate their friendship and Amy's wedding. It's on You Tube so I'm sharing it with you all.


Nicola Marsh said...

That's so gorgeous, Liz!

Enjoy the wedding :)

Jenny Haddon said...

Oh Liz, that's so lovely. Aren't friends fantastic?

Hope they have a great day and a great life together.

Kate Hardy said...

What a beautiful thing for her friend to do. Brought a tear to my eye (in the nicest possible sense).

Hope they have a fabulous day and wishing them every happiness for the future.

Snookie said...

Just cruising through... great video Liz!

Thank you Michelle Styles, I received the books :) They were in excellent "new" condition, yet the packaging was torn! It arrived quickly. I swear I can get things faster from the UK then from the mid-west USA!

Jan Jones said...

All good wishes for the wedding day. Liz.