Monday, August 25, 2008

LIZ'S wii fit DIARY

Week 2

I've now completed 5 1/2 hrs of exercise and the great news is that I'm still finding it fun. The weight fluctuated a bit, on a bit, off a bit -- but that's normal over a week. I wouldn't normally recommend weighing more than once a week, but the wii does it every morning and it certainly makes me think twice before indulging in the Saturday night curry.

I did hit my weight loss target for the month in two weeks, but then today I was up again a bit. I expected it and I'm not daunted. The thing is that the jeans have some slack around the waist and a pair of trousers I'd stopped wearing because they were a bit tight around the backside are now back in service. And the dh says I'm looking terrific (that's got to be good!)

The bad news -- and you knew there was going to be bad news, didn't you? -- is that I pulled a muscle under my right shoulder blade. Ouch, ouch, ouch -- I staggered off the wii to have that damned woman yelling me to get back on... Like that was going to happen.

Anyway, I had to put all muscle exercise and yoga on the back burner and instead just keep on with the aerobic stuff. I miss the boxing, though! And I seem to have completely lost it on the ski slope.

So I've lost 5lbs, my legs feel much stronger, the jeans fit and the muscle is easier. Bring it on...


Snookie said...

what a great compliment from your dh! Take care of your shoulder. You are an inspiration for me to do something as soon as I my foot heels and I get the dr. OK!

Jan Jones said...

I think I'd yell right back at that woman if she stopped me eating my Saturday night curry!

Look after the shoulder, Liz.

Snookie said...

I just realized i spelled heals wrong! heals not heels... I'm in a cast for 3 to 4 months, but 7 weeks have gone by already and I'm thinking positive that I will be out of it in another 5 weeks :)