Saturday, August 16, 2008

LIZ’S wii fit DIARY

I won’t bore you with my daily workout, but I promised a weekly update and this is how thing stand at the end of week 1.
Total exercise time for week: 170 minutes Total weight loss for week (despite a slight blip on Day 4 when I went up a llb): 4lb Balance: I lean slightly to the right and I wobble a bit.

I’m not just exercising but watching what I eat and I have been pretty good this week. Perhaps a little too much bread, way too many meatballs and I admit that the cod roe was probably a mistake (blame the dh for that one).

I am also having some evening play, although I need some way to balance the right arm work – I love the tennis, but my left arm is beginning to be noticeably saggier than my right. I’m hoping the boxing will help.

Overall: I’m feeling much more energised – I had begun to make a couch potato look active.
Next target: To get the dh to step up and join in.


Kate Hardy said...

4lb is very good. (Did it tell you off for losing weight too quickly?)

And 170 minutes is fab. Good for you. Glad you're feeling energised.

Getting your DH to join in - male competitiveness helps (especially if you casually mention that you beat their personal best). Mine loves the ski jump and football headers, but he flatly refuses to do step because he can't follow the pattern, and his best friend got stroppy about the boxing for the same reason (! as if his wife, his daughter, my daughter and I crowed about girls being better than boys. Now, would we?).

Snookie said...

I am really going to have to look into this now!

Michelle Douglas said...

Hmm... you know, the bread and meatballs is what sounds good to me.

Phillipa said...

Liz : I've been loving your Wii tales. Shades of the Bridesmaid and the gorgeous Welsh personal trainer here...

P x

Liz Fielding said...

I wish! Sadly, the PT is locked away inside the television. And he's no Brad Morgan :)