Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Jessica Hart, one of my favourite Harlequin Romance writers, is under the Spotlight this week at the Harlequin Romance Authors blog. Like me, she's celebrating the publication of her 50th romance this year, although she seems to have reached that milestone ten or more years earlier than me. Do drop by and say hello.

Other good news is that I've received a couple of fabulous reviews this week. One for 100 Arabian Nights and one for The Temp and the Tycoon.

"Full of humour, romance, wit and emotion, Chosen as the Sheikh’s Wife sparkles with all the warmth, charm and flair which readers have come to associate with Liz Fielding! Fast-paced, romantic, dramatic and absolutely impossible to put down, readers will not easily forget this wonderful story of redemption, new beginnings and hope by a wonderful storyteller who is in a class of her own!"

More here

"Liz Fielding is the master of memorable detail. How can anyone forget Talie's crazy hair or Jude's reaction to her! Or that one detail of attire that expresses so much sexiness and romance together in just a few words! The ending brought a tear or two to my eye, as much for the beauty of the writing as the emotion of the story. Talia's story is not to be missed! THE TEMP AND THE TYCOON is a must read for Liz Fielding fans and a great way for those new to this author to see for themselves why this author's romances captivate with stories that move the heart with a richness of emotion that fills the reader with deep joy. THE TEMP AND THE TYCOON is beautiful ---beautiful for its writing, beautiful for its emotion, beautiful for bringing together two vulnerable people whose love for one another opens doors. "

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Neither of them are sale in the US or Australia (although The Temp was originally issued several years ago as Strictly Business) but they are available post free from The Book Depository and Amazon.ca as well as Mills and Boon -- there's a link on the sidebar.


Estella said...

Congrats on the reviews!

Snookie said...

great reviews Liz!

Kate Hardy said...

Very well deserved reviews, Liz. (Oh, and for the record, when I was asked on the author panel at the RNA what my favourite category romance was... a LOT of people were nodding their heads and mouthing, "Her books are fabulous."

(I don't have to name that book, do I? *g*)

Liz Fielding said...

I saw what you said on your blog, Kate. You are such a star. I should be paying you... :)