Tuesday, March 11, 2008


There's too many good choices!!!!! Seriously about ten I would happily choose. I had to cross out those I have already used, those I might one day use for a heroine, and those too close to the hero and heroine's names in this book. Soooo I had to go back to the source, looking into that sweet face, imagining where she has come from and how her name would have come about and the final winner is...Poppy.

A big thanks to everyone who helped out and congrats to Jill who'll be getting the signed copy of my FALLING FOR THE REBEL HEIR which is out now in the UK and in the next few days in North America!



Jill said...

Wow, thanks! :-) I am looking forward to reading about Poppy (it also happens to be my favorite flower).

Michele L. said...

Congrats to Jill!
Ooooo...I really like that name, Poppy! Excellent choice for the little curly haired moppet!