Sunday, March 23, 2008


A huge thank you to Abby for taking time out from her Easter break to drop by and take part in the celebrations -- and to all of you for doing the same. I hope you all were suitably rewarded with chocolate bunnies! When she's home, Abby will pick her winner and I'll post the name then.

I might be celebrating my 50th book, but as many of you know, this year Mills & Boon are celebrating their centenary. We've had loads of coverage in the press -- largely positive, although those journalists do find it hard not to slip in the lazy buzz-words that betray they've either never read one, or at least not in the present century. Television and radio have also done us proud, raising the profile of what is, undoubtedly, a publishing phenomenon.

They are also producing some great commemorative stuff. Specially commissioned stories (see the cover of 100 Arabian Nights in the sidebar), a reprint of 24 novellas in those retro covers -- you can buy the entire set now in a special at the Mills & Boon website -- £25 including postage (there's a link on the sidebar. And there's this fabulous jigsaw made up of old covers and I'm offering one as a prize in a special competition.

Above (courtesy of Philippa Gedge Photography) is a picture of the authors who gathered to join in the celebrations last month at the Wallace Collection (I'm on the left, rather a long way back in the spectacles) and for a chance to win the jigsaw, I want you to send me your suggestions for an apt, amusing or just plain outrageous collective noun for a group of romantic novelists at liz with Jigsaw in the subject line and your suggestion, along with your name and address in the body. I'll pick a winner on 1st April!

In the meantime, if you can't wait, or you want to send one to a romance lover your know, it's available here at Amazon

Finally, Ally Blake is having a fuzzy moment and can't remember whether she heard from Jill, the winner of her signed book when she was a guest here earlier in the month. Jill, if you haven't sent your address to either Ally or me, or if you have and haven't had a response (my email is new system and I'm still finding out about its quirks), do contact me at liz with all the relevant information.


Jan Jones said...

I've emailed you with the obvious answer, Liz, but the mail was returned. So I sent it again via a slightly different route. Did you get it?

Liz Fielding said...

It arrived safely, Jan. If anyone else has problems (and they are not unknown), an alternative addy is lizfielding

Or you can always leave a comment here :)

Jill said...

Hi Liz,
I sent you an e-mail. Sorry for not getting it to you sooner!