Sunday, February 24, 2008


Last year, the north-west libary region ran a wonderful promotion for romance books of all genres. Fantasy, historical, gay, category, romcom. I listed all the books and authors here if you want to check out all the books and authors and was thrilled to have been chosen to represent the category section with Reunited: Marriage in a Million.

The library asked readers to vote for their favourite and at a ceremony in the impressive Manchester Town Hall last week, Christina Jones -- of whom I've been a long-time fan and once described as having a real H. E Bates(wearing his Darling Buds of May hat) touch to her writing -- was named the winner with her book, LOVE POTIONS.

Christina writes the most joyous books, full of wonderful characters. It's a brilliant choice.

... and the RITA

Every year a get a parcel of books from Romance Writers of America to judge for the RITA. I can't judge in my own category (and I can't tell you the books I'm reading) but I welcome this annual opportunity to step outside my own "comfort" reading box to try new authors, new genres.

I'd never read a vampire book, until this month. Well, obviously Dracula, but that's a classic so it doesn't really count (duh !) Interestingly there was a play on the Beeb yesterday afternoon (ironing time) recounting D's voyage to Whitby and what happened to the crew. Fascinating stuff.

Now for other competition news -- you still have until 29th February to enter the HERE COMES THE GROOMS! competition. Click on the link for all the details.

And as a little extra, something just for UK readers, I'm afraid. I have a book of money-off coupons for all kinds of Mills & Boon series (only redeemable in the UK), together with a brass bookmark commemorating Mills & Boon's Centenary and a calender with some fabulous old covers.

To win, tell me what books you've read lately that have taken you out of your comfort zone. Or any great new authors you've found.

Since everyone wants to know about great books, leave your comments on the blog, but send me an email at liz with Coupons in the subject line and your name and address in the body so that I can send it off straight away to the winner.

I'll make the draw on St David's Day -- 1st March.

And on Thursday I'll have Jenny Haddon's prize winner and a new guest -- Anne McAllister.


Virginia said...

Books that I have read that has taken me out of my confort zone. Well I have read a couple of erotic books lately not real sure about those. I have read a few vampire books and found that I liked some of them. I read one by Dawn Thompson called Blood Moon that was really good. Its sad but I heard that she just past away. If all her books was as good as Blood Moon, she will be missed.

Anne McAllister said...

Congratulations to Christina! Brilliant news. She has written some absolutely delightful books. I always make Kate W buy me copies of Christina's books when they come out -- and then when I come visit her or when she comes to visit me, I get my stash of Christina Jones books to read. Such fun. And some definitely serious thoughts there, too.

michelle douglas said...

I haven't read any Christina Jones - but now I really, really want to... and my tbr pile is already threatening to topple. Oh, well, if it falls on me I'll die happy.

As for books outside of the comfort zone, I recently read On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan - that is one guy who is seriously afraid of a happy ending!