Monday, January 21, 2008


First a big thank you to Melissa James for being my guest over the weekend. And to everyone who responded to that terrific question about favourite storylines. You’ve given us all plenty to think about in your replies.

Bectoria and Snookie were both prize winners this week. Snookie, I have your address and I’ve already passed it on to Melissa. Bectoria, if you’ll contact me at liz with your street name and address, I’ll see that Melissa gets it asap.

Well, it has been an incredibly busy week following the announcement of the Romance Prize shortlist. Did you all go and check out the full list? As well as The Secret Life of Lady Gabriella, Fiona Harper has two books on the list, Kate Hardy is there with her fabulous Breakfast at Giovanni’s along with titles by Julie Cohen and Lucy Gordon. We’ll all be meeting up at the awards lunch in February and whoever wins it’ll be a cause for celebration, which remind me, I must book my seat on the train!

Also an interview with a journalist from The Observer about writing for Mills & Boon. It’s part of the M&B Centenary and will be in the Review section on Sunday 27 January.

This week my guest will be Elizabeth Rolls, who writes the most fabulous Regency romances. Check out her website and read the story of how she became hooked on Georgette Heyer while staying with a friend, wrote the book to unwind in the evenings and, seven months pregnant, she sold it. What a woman!

Her blog will be online on Thursday and she’ll be giving away a copy of her latest book A COMPROMISED LADY to one lucky winner, so do drop by over the weekend to chat with her.


Jan Jones said...

Liz, nothing to do with the blog, but must tell you I was waiting for a blood test this morning at the local hospital, reading Wild Justice that I won in your Advent Calendar Giveaway, and I totally failed to hear the nurse calling my number (well, it was 52 and they were only on 24 when I got there).

Anyway, I apologised profusely, but the nurse just looked at the book-jacket and said, "Oh, Liz Fielding! That explains it. I can't bear to leave anything of hers in the middle of a chapter."

Snookie said...

What a great way to wait your turn Jan :) I use to do that on the bus on the way home from University and once missed my stop by about 15 miles! Can't remember who I was reading, it was in tbe late 70s, but it was a harlequin romance...

Liz, thanks so much for the contests you offer... I am thrilled to win books as prizes :)

Estella said...

Congrats to Bectoria and Snookie!

Liz Fielding said...

How would we cope in hospital waiting rooms without a book? If I don't have one I read every notice (and some of them make me feel very queasy).

Thanks so much for being completely absorbed -- and for passing on the nurse's compliment. Totally made my day!

I've never missed my stop, Snookie, but I did once come perilously close to falling off my seat laughing at Jennifer Crusie's Anyone But You.

I'm off to hair my hair cut this morning. Then to change a sweater I bought in December. And the dh has promised me lunch out. :)

Snookie said...

Hi Liz, Hope you had a nice lunch out.

I'm not sure how I got so far from my bus stop without realizing it. I don't think the bus made many stops! I know I was really absorbed in the book :) I was suppose to get off in Kaaleaa and I got off in Hauula instead! I had to get off and get on the bus going back the way I had come!