Sunday, January 06, 2008


My 50th book, THE SHEIKH'S UNSUITABLE BRIDE, hit the UK shelves on Friday.

Next week it will be retail in the US and in February in Australia. Of course it's available online and as an eBook download at Harlequin sites already.

I've had lots of amazing reviews for the book already.

"...oodles of sizzle...Pure magic from beginning to end." 4.5 stars from Romantic Times

"Sublimely entertaining." Romance Readers at Heart

"Fielding writes characters that matter." Coffee Time Romance

and then, yesterday this went online -

"Sparkling, enchanting, feel-good and wonderfully romantic, The Sheikh's Unsuitable Bride is sheer perfection!" at Cataromance

As if all that wasn't enough to makes a writer's head dizzy, this month is a double release in the UK, with the re-release of THE BILLIONAIRE TAKES A BRIDE in a Mills & Boon "By Request" 3-in-1, BRIDE FOR A BILLIONAIRE along with fabulous books by Carol Marinelli and Robyn Donald.

And let's not forget that I'm not the only one celebrating a very special anniversary.

Mills & Boon are celebrating their Centenary this year so keep an eye on their website. Also look out for 24 collectable titles in retro covers at £1.49. My contribution, THE TEMP & TYCOON will be available in June -- you can reserve a copy now at Amazon. The cover is in the sidebar.

So, I hear you asking, what is Liz being doing to celebrate this amazing event. Is she out partying? Having a champagne fuelled booklaunch? Actually, no. I've been burning the midnight oil on a short story over the New Year and now the dh and I are wallpapering the hall.

We thought it would be a piece of cake. The bottom half is oak panelled, we reasoned, so it's only short lengths. Pause for hollow laughter, here .

Day One involved moving all the stuff that seems to gather in the hall. The coat rack, four bookshelves, three tables, an armchair, lamp, clock, mirror, pictures. Then we stripped the walls. And thought we were so smart because it was done and dusted by lunchtime and we even had time to do the weekly shop. Such hubris is always going to be punished...

Day Two is when we discovered the first piece of paper we put up had a mark in it and I remember why I HATE DIY!!!! Nevertheless we didn't kill one another (intentionally or otherwise), and fell asleep in front of the television before crawling to bed every joint complaining. Yesterday I pasted and the dh did the wallpapering. Today it's the tricky bit over the platerack and I'm up the ladder.

Oh, and I have to start a new book on Monday as well doing my best not to think of the two sets of revisions that are now hanging over me.

But I haven't forgotten that GOLDEN celebrations are in order. From next week, friends and colleagues will be dropping by on a regular basis to help me enjoy this special moment. You'll a guest blog each Thursday, with an author chatting about writing, their books and of course giving away a signed copoy. First up on January 10th, will be Presents author, Annie West. I know you'll give her a warm welcome.

By the way, you may have noticed that the US cover for THE SHEIKH'S UNSUITABLE BRIDE has a special heart cover flash "Special Treat", well Harlequin have put together a special Valentine Day website with free online reads, games, e-cards just for your, so check it out at Harlequin Special Treat

And finally, do take a moment to pop over to the Harlequin Romance Authors blog, which has a Spotlight on Melissa James this month. And Melissa is giving away a copy of her January HR, MOTHER IN A MILLION to one lucky reader.


Cryna said...

Congratulations on your release Liz. Looks like you have a lots of things lined up for us. Looking forward to it.

Jan Jones said...

Oh dear, Liz, best of luck with the rest of the decorating. I'm sure the end result will be worth it.

And I got the last Sheik's Unsuitable Bride from the Newmarket WHS this week and have just finished it.


...I want to read it again now

Annie West said...

Liz, how brave of you - DIY with your husband. The fact that you haven't killed each other must be testament to a strong marriage (G)!

Congratulations on starting this special year with such a bang!


Estella said...

Congratulations on the release of your 50th book!

Liz Fielding said...

Thanks, Jan! So glad you enjoyed it.

Annie, the dh and I have been decorating together for years. There are -- how shall I put it -- occasional eruptions of temperament and, on occasions, a length of wallpaper does get ripped off and thrown on the floor. We always end of up laughing. I have to say, though, that the knees don't handle ladders as well as they used to. We survived Day Two in one piece, however, and "confidence is high".

Natasha said...

My husband and I do the decorating together too. Miserable experience I think. I always end up at the bottom of the food chain. :)

Hugh congratulations on your 50th release. And thank you for asking me to join in the celebrations.

Donna Alward said...

The dh and I only survive renos with each other by me completely swallowing my pride and saying "yes dear". I get to pick colours and materials for the most part but he is the master of execution.

We built a fence a few years ago. I was awarded with my own tool belt and cordless drill.

Anna Campbell said...

Liz, congratulations on your 50th book! That is such a milestone. And your success is so well deserved. You write like an angel and your stories are so full of emotion and heart. A new Liz Fielding is always a treat in this household! Here's to 50 more (can I hear you groan all the way from the Old Dart? I think perhaps I can!).

Tamelia Tumlin Romance Author said...

Congratulations Liz!!!! Hmmm. 50 books. It's kinda like a 50th wedding aniversary. The golden one! Shouldn't there be gifts??? LOL. I can't wait to read The Shiekh's Unsuitable Wife. I have a soft spot for shiekhs as it is. :)