Monday, January 14, 2008


Before I do anything else I want to thank Annie West for being such an amazing guest. Thank you for being so generous with your time in discussing all aspects of writing, Annie. And thanks to all of you for making her so welcome.

Annie is going to choose the winner of THE GREEK TYCOON'S UNEXPECTED WIFE sometime in the next couple of days and I'll announce it on Thursday when our next guest, Harlequin Romance author Melissa James drops by to party.

Those those of you who miss out, the book is available in May and you can reserve a copy at Amazon

I've had a busy few days guest blogging myself over at the Pink Heart Society and My Tote Bag, but we've managed to finish the decorating. The hall, looking much lighter with its new wallpaper, is now back to normal and fully functioning, although I still have to decide what to do with the two bookshelves we decided it could without. And I've had my reading glasses fixed (dropped them, stood on them, bent them out of shape). I need the hypo-allergnic frames and wearing my old ones brought out spectacle shaped patched of eczema. One day back in the new ones and I'm nearly back to normal. Magic.

Today I have to start a new book, a time of excitement, terror (off all the plots in all the world did I choose the right one?) and, well, yes fun. meanwhile, I've just had the artwork for the cover of my next book, THE BRIDE'S BABY, my 50th "Harlequin Romance" and couldn't wait to share it with you. If you wondered why I needed a whole year to celebrate, the fact is that I have a double 50 -- 50th book and 50th HR!

See you all on Thursday when you'll have a chance to win Melissa's latest book, A MOTHER IN A MILLION!


Serena said...

Hi Liz,
What an amazing achievement. MEGA congrats on your 50 books! Hmm I must have read them all :))) I look forward to reading the next 50, and any more that come after that.

I'll be back to see my mate, Melissa James, too!!
Serena, Melbourne, Australia

Annie West said...

Liz, it sounds like it's all systems go to start your new book. Hope you enjoy it!

I wish I could pop in to say hi to Melissa when she arrives, but on the upside I'll be on a (computerless) family holiday for the first time in a year!

Thanks again for having me here. It's been such fun.


Cryna said...

Wow Liz what an great thing to be happening. I love the cover you posted.

Annie thank you for visiting with us it was fun reading the posts.

Estella said...

Great cover, Liz!

Snookie said...

Wow Liz, I was confused for a little bit. All this time I thought Diana's book was #50 and then I read the Bride's baby is #50 and after rereading your post I finally got it figured out. Diana is #50 and Bride's baby is #50 HR! What an incredible journey writing all those books for us to read :) BTW, I'm still hunting for backbooks at used book stores!

Michelle Douglas said...

Ooh, Liz, your new cover is just gorgeous. Can't wait to read it.

50 books! 50 wonderful reads! You must be so pleased.


Liz Fielding said...

Thanks so much everyone.

I must admit my first sight of the cover brought a little twinge of disappointment, Michelle. Sylvie's dress was so beautiful in the book (and not quite that white!). Still, I can't expect Harlequin to commission a designer dress for my cover :) And having seen the cover art description and been very, very afraid that the dress was going to be purple, it was a lot better than I anticipated.

Annie, I managed to get my heroine's name down on paper yesterday. Still struggling with the hero. I did have some distractions that I'll tell you about on Thursday, but if that's progress, I'm progressing!

Jan Jones said...

Well done on the decorating front, but how can you be discarding bookcases? I'm always looking for places I can put more!

(And yes, the bride's dress does look really quite white, doesn't it...?)

Liz Fielding said...

Jsn, I'm not discarding bookcases, just choosing not to put these two back in the hall. They are actually a lovely pair of Arts & Crafts magazine racks that the dh made for me. I use them for my M&B hardbacks, but they are full to overflowing. The whole thing needs a rethink!

Jed Kingsley? How does that grab you all as a hero name? So far she's Finty Bradshaw (but that may change!)

Snookie said...

Hey Liz,

I like Jed Kingsley, not so sure about Finty, but it could grow on me. After all, people think my name is strange all the time :) I like Linney Bradshaw :)

Where is the story set?

Michelle Douglas said...

A purple dress? I'm too afraid to ask.

I can't start a book until I have the right first name for my characters. I like Jed Kingsley (though Jed does make me think of a cowboy for some reason. Not that that's a bad thing :)) What is Finty short for? Like Snookie I think it is one of those names that would grow on me.

Linney Bradshaw has a nice ring to it too. Is it up for grabs Snookie?

Liz Fielding said...

I'm quite sure that my ed will think "Jed" is too American for my books, Michelle -- although I did know a very English Englishman with the name. The problem is, that I seem to be running out of those strong, single-syllable names that are just so perfect!

Finty isn't short for anything. It's the name of Dame Judi Dench's daughter and I suspect it's manufactured from bits of other names, but I thought it was a bit different. With use it might grate. I tend to fiddle with names in the early stages of a book until they sound right, so they might both end up with entirely different names.

Jan Jones said...

Not convinced about Jed - but I love Finty. (Sad me, I knew she was Judi D's daughter).

I just have to have the right names in mine or the mss grind to a horrible halt.