Monday, December 10, 2007



12th December

I went swimming first thing this morning in Nadira Creek. At dawn the sea is milky and calm and the sun turns the rocks and mist rose pink. It is so beautiful here, so peaceful. And at night the stars are just as Zahir said they would be. Like diamonds…

Er, I think we'll leave Diana reaching for the stars and get on with today's news.

First up, Jan in Newmarket won the copy of WILD JUSTICE. It's on its way to you right now, Jan.

Actually that's a good thing Diana is on another planet because I wanted to tell you about the Finance Director at my daughter’s company. At some unbelievably early age he drew up a Life Plan. It included being married by the age of 21, having his children young and oh, yes, be a Finance Director by the age of 35. And he's there. (I'm wondering what he plans to do the next thirty-five years -- just for investment purposes you understand!)

Anyway, I hope my daughter is taking notes because if we're going to achieve our goals we all need a Life Plan.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, we're at Day Twelve and behind the door today is HER WISH-LIST BRIDEGROOM, in which Juliet Howard, right on the point of achieving her major goal in her own life plan, bang on target, gets tripped up by a meretricious man. (Lying, cheating you name it...) She had every right to be angry, but let's face it, tossing a tray full of champagne over the boss is never going to be a good idea.

Back at square one she’s confronted with her original Life Plan. The one she wrote when she was a teenager. There were the simple things – you have to give yourself plenty of short term stuff to be ticked off and give you the feeling that you’re getting somewhere. There was the achievable. University. A first class degree. The directorship that was within an inch of her grasp. And then there were the goals that were, honestly, just reaching for the stars. Gregor McLeod, the hero of the school yard, had once been at the top of that list. Until he left school, disappeared…

What to know what happens next? Send me an email to liz, with Day Twelve in the subject line, your name and address in the body of mail and the name of one other book I've written that begins with the word “Her…”

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Jan Jones said...

Oooh, Liz, how lovely that I won Day Ten. Thank you!

And having woken up to a pretty solid frost all over the car, I'm somewhat envious of Diana right now...